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Register for Janette’s Media Masterclass, starting June 16th If you ask anyone in business, they will say communication is key for building your brand and raising awareness. What you say is important to whoever you’re speaking to. But as humans, only 7% of what we communicate is spoken words. So, what’s equally if not more important, is the body language you communicate with. People call this non-verbal communication. It may seem miniscule to what’s being said and how you say it, but there’s also the hand gestures, the facial expressions and many other non-verbal communications that give what you’re saying more power. Impressions are being formed before you even utter a word. If you want to be able to handle any outlet of media or speaking, you need to work on this. In today’s Media Training, Janette Burke, Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer (,discusses Non-Verbal Communication. Register for Janette’s FREE Media Masterclass starting June 16th –


In this video, Janette discusses why you’re not getting the media and speaking exposure you deserve for your business and brand and how she can help you with her FREE Media Masterclass. Register at At the beginning of 2021, you made plans for the year. Unfortunately, without realizing it, you didn’t realize how challenging it would be to gain exposure and position yourself as an industry expert or speaker or perhaps you felt it was so unattainable you didn’t bother to include it in your strategy. This is why you’re feeling discouraged and aren’t making the progress you want even though you have the best story and share your message. The good news? It’s not you that’s the problem; it’s just that you’ve been following advice from marketing professionals.


When it comes to building a business, there are always so many different things you could be working on... Marketing, messaging, systems, sales, social media - the list goes on! But one of the most effective marketing tools is PUBLICITY. If you’ve been getting in your own way and struggling to get noticed by the media, event & conference planners and even other industry leaders with their own platform, it’s time to make a change. Why keep struggling with building a connection, wondering why the publicity you are getting isn’t turning into business and feeling burnout when all you need to do is release? Register for Janette’s FREE Media Masterclass to learn how you can become a sought-after media guest and speaker on world stages to quickly build your business and brand.

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