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About Janette's TV & Podcast

Your Life, Your Way

Janette Burke Productions is a media company that produces the 4-time award-winning Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast (JTV) - a lifestyle Web TV Show & Podcast created and hosted by Janette, Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast E-Publication, and more recently, JTV Instagram LIVE Short series. Watched and listened to by women and men in the 35-55 age category, Janette’s TV & Janette's TV Podcast are the premier online shows and platforms busy people across the globe flock to live life their way. Currently in Season 13 with over 600 aired episodes and a 9.2 million+ combined following, Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast features lifestyle and business issues from a women's perspective and covers topics such as fashion, finance, food, hot topics, entertainment, real estate, home décor, dating, relationships, sex, health, aging, business, leadership, money, must-have products and everything in-between. Thought leaders, experts, spokespeople, and celebrities talk to Janette about these topics in direct conversation as well as through the movies, shows, music, books, products, and services they represent. They inspire Janette's audience with their powerful messages.

Janette's TV & Podcast Topics and Segments Include:

  • Celebrities & Entertainment

  • Government & Politics

  • Spirituality & Religion

  • Health & Wellness

  • Style & Beauty

  • Fashion

  • House & Home

  • Money & Finance

  • Travel & Leisure

  • Cooking & Food

  • Business & Leadership

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Aging

  • Children & Parenting

Top 10 YouTube Videos and Topics


1. Functional Nutrition with Shelley Gawith: 73,456 views

2. Canada’s Bachelor: 71,743, views

3. Interview with TV Show New Crave Stars: 70,834 views

4. Toronto’s Real Estate Market with Randi Goodman, Award-Winning Real Estate Broker 2021, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage: 68,442 views

5. TIFF with a Star is Born Actors: 19,432 views

6. Interview with the Property Brothers Dancing with the Stars: 18,083 views

7. What Are the Property Brothers Up To?: 13,055 views

8. How Eric Zuley Built His Successful Online Brand: 12,699 views

9. How to Feel Good in Lingerie: 12,037 views

10. Interview with Murdoch Mysteries Actors at a Ball Organized by TIFF to Raise Money for Haiti: 11,262 views

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"Janette, I recently came upon your show & podcast and I’m really impressed with your interview style and guests. I took the leap of faith and recently started my own business. Hearing these athletes speak about the importance of preparing, training, support and encouragement and never giving up impacted to me to keep going. I think that is what it takes to win. Thanks for sharing. And keep up the good work!"

Kirsten Kempford

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