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Do You:

  • Want to showcase your business, story, & product or service? 

  • Wish to make media interviews part of your marketing?

Who this Package is for:

Experts & Thought Leaders (such as book authors, small business owners, and professionals) who:

  • Recognize that a media interview serves as a crucial marketing piece.

  • See the value in what a media interview brings for you, your story, your business & your products or services.

Benefits & Outcomes of this Package:

  • Connect with my audience, so they get to know you, your brand, and your story.

  • Be showcased on Instagram, which is the best platform for direct reach & connection through visual conversation.

  • Gain experience in how filming & conducting a media interview works.

  • Receive tangible proof on film that you are a credible, newsworthy interviewee.

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Why Media Interviews Act as an Important Marketing Piece:

  • Reach: showcase your expertise, insights, and leadership. This attracts your dream client that values your knowledge & expertise.

  • Conversion: by conveying your brand’s quality, expertise, recognition, reliability, & value, you can turn your dream client to paying clients.

  • Connection: create engagement and relatability with my audience that allows them to see the person behind the business and foster that connection & resonance.

  • Credibility: gain credibility, authority, & recognition. Being featured on mine & other shows can enhance your reputation.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the best social media platform to connect with 2.1 million of my Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok audience portion directly through visual conversation via your JTV Instagram LIVE Short interview with me.


What Will This Package Do for You & Your Business?

  • Make a greater impact.

  • Increase brand awareness.

  • Generate more visibility & exposure.


Apply Here

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