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On-Camera/Presentation & Performance/Media Training Package


Have you watched or listened to a media interview or promo video commercial, and wondered why it either went so great or went so terrible?

What can make or break how well you perform at an upcoming media spot is the On-Camera/Presentation & Performance/Media Training you receive. 


Who This Package is for
For Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches/Consultants/Speakers, and Published & Self-Published Book Authors who:

  • Have secured a sponsor or media placement & recognize that landing that spot alone isn't enough.

  • Need to improve your presentation & performance training skills, so you can excel On-Camera as opposed to being a "One & Done.”

Your 5 one-hour sessions, tailored to your specific needs, can support you with these and other common problems:​

  • Being misquoted, put on the spot, or taken out of context.

  • Maintaining composure & control of the interview.

  • Engaging the viewer.

  • Being present & staying in the moment.

  • Posture & gesturing.

  • Wardrobe & Makeup for the camera- knowing what to wear & why.

  • Using a teleprompter.

  • Crafting a message that sticks & drives conversions.

  • Maintaining eye contact with the camera, interviewer & audience to connect with all.

  • Looking & feeling more confident in front of the camera to win over viewers.

  • Leaving an impact & driving your audience to action.

  • Mastering your tone of voice & body language for professionalism, enthusiasm, and authority.


And more!


The sessions are there so you make a great sponsor or interviewee, and it doesn’t become a sales pitch-fest, which is the last thing you want to do at a promo video commercial or interview.


Training is the key between being a “One & Done”, where you sponsor or interview once and never again; and someone who makes media part of their marketing and goes on to other outlets to do even more successful sponsorships or interviews.


Sessions can be taken as half (3-hour) or full (5-hour) VIP day, weekly, monthly, or in 15- or 30-minute increments (with some advance notice) as needed within year of purchase. Conducted via Zoom or phone. Include: practice runs, mock interviews, exercises, & prep booklets.

Total Price: $1,000

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