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On-Camera Masterclass & 1:1 On-Camera Training

Do you:

  1. Constantly pitch the media & don’t receive yeses?

  2. Understand how the media works, what they are looking for in a story or interviewee?

  3. How to talk in soundbites & the importance of non-verbal communication?

  4. Need to overcome your fear of being on-camera so you can make your own promo, educational videos, & LIVES on social media?


With the right skills and strategies in place, almost anyone can transform into an industry expert and land all sorts of traditional & online media appearances.

In fact, my clients have routinely appeared in/on local, regional, national, and international media - skyrocketing their brand and influence without a massive following or formal credentials.


Difference between a publicist and myself as an On-Camera Media Trainer:

  1. Publicist: Manages and promotes the public image of an individual, brand, or organization, focusing on generating positive media coverage and enhancing overall reputation.

  2. On-Camera Media Trainer: Specializes in preparing individuals for visual media appearances, concentrating on technical aspects like body language and visual presentation skills to ensure effective communication in on-camera settings.

Who this package is for:

Book Authors, Business Owners, Professionals, Recording Artists, Filmmakers, and Media Newspeople who, as the spokesperson for their business, brand, music, film, or project, want to land top traditional print, radio, TV, pod & webcast coverage; may have already tried & been rejected; and now realize that they need to:

  1. Improve their media & on-camera presence, including making their own videos and LIVES on social media.

  2. Ignite their WOW factor.

  3. Develop the skills they need to be taken as a reliable source the media want to feature time and time again.

  4. Understand on-camera training is paramount to succeeding in media interviews.

  5. Hone your on-camera abilities with your message, non-verbal communication, and presentation & performance skills, to be an engaging interviewee that is chosen to be featured by the media and gain the attention of your dream client.

  6. Embark on a media tour or make media interviews a consistent part of your marketing.


Training breakdown:

  • 10, 1-hour, informal group sessions, once per week for 12 consecutive weeks, + 1, 45-minute private session with Janette + 1 BONUS CLASS. That’s 12 sessions!

  • PLUS 2 additional private sessions with Janette if you pay in full. That’s 14 total sessions!


Session(s) overview:

  • Story Telling & Story Selling

  • Creating a Story the Media Will Love

  • Know What to Say & How to Answer Any Question with Confidence

  • Your Body Language Speaks Louder than Your Words

  • Harnessing the Power of Your Breathing & Your Voice

  • Knowing How to Dress for the Camera - Makeup, Hair & Clothes... OH MY!

  • Designing Your Home Studio

  • Using a Teleprompter

  • Understanding the Media to Get Booked

Want to deep-dive further?

Take my 1:1 On-Camera Training, where you’ll work with me directly to overcome any of these issues you’re having. Sessions are tailored to your needs.

$1000 for 5 sessions.


Masterclass Price: $2000


Payment plan available.


After Working with Me, Clients Have Gone On to Appear On:

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