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Sponsor Spotlight Package

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Are you ready to get the most exposure for your business, product, or service? That’s what sponsorship can do for you when it comes to media and your marketing!


Who the Sponsor Spotlight Package is for:

  • Celebs/Entertainers/Politicians

  • Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs of lifestyle brands such as clothing, makeup, jewellery, distillery, tech, cannabis, travel, automotive, home furnishings, etc.

  • Professionals

  • Coaches/Consultants/Speakers

  • Published & Self-Published Book Authors

Many are Referred to Me By:

  • Trade & Industry Associations and Events {including TV & Film}

  • PR Firms & Publicists

  • Speaking Companies & Bureaus

  • Publishing Houses & Agents

  • Incubator/Business Programs

  • Financial Institutions & Accountants


This Package is for You if You Want to:

  • Sponsor an episode or episodes of Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast & also be interviewed.

  • Embark on a sponsor or media tour.

  • Gain consistent sponsor & media placements.

  • Make media a consistent part of your marketing.

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Why Sponsor Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast:

  • Be introduced to and connect with my audience of over-8 million globally.

  • Make more people aware of you, your business, and products.

  • Reach new audiences that make up your dream client.

  • Showcase your story, brand, and business as being newsworthy.

  • Get tangible proof on tape that you present & perform well on-camera to increase your chances of obtaining additional media placements and exposure.

  • Gain third-party credibility and endorsement.

Your sponsorship also comes with 1 bonus interview!

The Importance of a Media Interview

Do you want to use the power of media to effectively scale & grow your business, but all your pitches either receive no response or a hard, fast “No”, especially by mainstream media?


Do you feel rejected and understand why this keeps happening?


Do you think that to succeed in media, all you need is a secured spot? (hint: you’ll require more than that.)


Important Things to Know About Interviews:

  1. Story: You need a good hook with a great storyline to present yourself as a desirable, knowledgeable interviewee.

  2. Nonverbals: From your wardrobe to eye contact to your tone of voice, how you show up with respect to connecting with the audience and being able to capture & convert them with an exact formula, are key.

  3. How the media works: Media works in cycles. Know what the deadlines are, the time they have to complete a story and interview, and the cycles that they accept and cover certain topics.

  4. The difference between a “One & Done” Interviewee vs. The Desirable Interviewee: the latter is consistently booked on multiple media spots; experiences huge reach, visibility & exposure; and has the ability to close a significant portion of the audience as their dream clients.

What You Get Out of This by Working with Me:

  • Preparing you to be camera-ready.

  • Bringing you out of your shell to be more confident so you can present, perform, & communicate well.

  • Assisting you with your newsworthy narrative & how to tell it.

  • Getting you ready to be a desirable interviewee which can increase your chance of getting other media spots.

  • Provide you with tangible proof, you’re a credible sponsor or interviewee.

  • Introducing you to my audience and making them aware of what you have to offer, as a done-for-you service.

  • Showing you your reach and results/how big of an impact you’re making.

  • Get you exposure to an audience that can become your potential client.


If you’ve obtained a sponsor or interview spot on a media outlet, or you want to use media, what will you do with that spot when you arrive?

My mission is to help you become ready to become an outstanding sponsor or interviewee, and be able to secure multiple placements so you can make media an integral part of your marketing and see results from it based on what you’ve learned.

By starting with Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast, you can acquire experience under your belt, receive tangible proof of your interview and promo video commercial, be introduced to my audience, and use it all to go on to meet other audiences by obtaining media placements, secured either by yourself or with our connections to Publicist/PR Coaches.

Sponsor Spotlight Package with 4-Steps Overview

Total Price

  • Virtual Shoot: $2,200 (sponsor 1 episode)

  • On-Location Shoot: $3,900 (sponsor 3 episodes, up to 2 months)

  • In-Studio Shoot: $6,100 (sponsor 5 episodes, up to 4 months)

Sponsor Spotlight Package Add-Ons

Commercials Janette Consulted On

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