Janette’s Spotlight Sponsor Package will quickly garner Awareness, Reach, and Recognition!

Feature Your Brand & Business

Be featured on Janette's TV & Podcast with your inspiring story or product that will enhance the well-being and lives of Janette's audience.

What Is Included In the Package?

  • Profiled spot on Janette's TV & Janette’s TV Podcast (your choice of IN-STUDIO, LIVE-ON-LOCATION or SPLIT SCREEN shoot) with an interview that showcases your content or product with B-Roll, and a Brought to You By credit inserted at the beginning & end of your episode.

  • Placement on Janette's website, YouTube & Podcast Channels that introduces you to her audience with influenced endorsement.

  • One-minute promo video commercial to compliment your episode with your logo & contact info that will play during the episode and be distributed throughout Janette's multiple broadcast channels. (Only available in the IN-STUDIO or LIVE-ON-LOCATION shoot option). 

  • Instruction on how to prepare a professional narrative showcasing your product & 30-minutes of Janette reviewing your script.

  • 350-word write-up in Janette’s TV & Podcast Centre Stage Show Notice that is emailed to an audience of over 100,000 subscribers.

  • Video & audio links to post on your website & social channels.

  • Done-for-you promotion for 30 days on social media with targeted posts to make you & your company news for more than a day.

  • YouTube & Tube Buddy ads for improved SEO ranking.

  • Visibility Report with your total views, downloads count & other performance data.

  • One-hour Follow-up Call with Janette to discuss 8 additional strategies on how to keep leveraging the tools created for you.

  • BONUS – Complimentary headshot or product photography (Only available in the IN-STUDIO or LIVE-ON-LOCATION shoot option). 


Packages starting at $1500

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