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Media Ready with Janette, May 12: Doing Well in Media Interviews Takes More than Securing the Spot

Welcome to the new Media Ready Video Training & Blog Series with Janette! From what to say to when in the time that you’re given to ensure your message is heard to how to talk in soundbites, where to look, the importance of image, wardrobe, body language and eye contact, to how & when to use a teleprompter, and much more, each edition, I’ll present another aspect of what you must have in place to:

  • Sponsor a TV Show or Podcast

  • Land Consistent Media & Podcast Appearances or Launch a Media Tour

  • Confidently Appear On-Camera, Grace Red Carpets & Assume the Spotlight

And Lots More!

The skills you’ll develop can easily be applied to making your own videos & LIVES on social media and YouTube too!

Ready to improve your communication, presentation & performance skills, overcome your fears of being on-camera, and shine like the star you’re meant to be?

This Week's Topic: Do You Know that Doing Well in Media Interviews Takes More than Just Securing the Spot?

Having worked in media for over 20 years and as a producer, I know what makes a good interview. And it’s a lot more than just a spot.

What does it mean? What do you need beyond the actual spot?

Watch the Video I Made For You to Find Out!

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