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Janette's The Desirable Interviewee Package

Who This Package Is For

Who The Desirable Interviewee Package Is For

  • Celebs/Entertainers/Politicians, Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches/Consultants, and Published & Self-Published Book Authors

  • Not getting consistent media appearances & want to be on a media tour.

  • Have to understand that booking a spot is not enough.

  • Need to improve their presentation & performance skills.

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Why Take The Desirable Interviewee Package


When it comes to media and your marketing, if you want to be the type of interviewee that producers and their staff want to book over and over again, you’re going to have to know more than just how to get the spot.

You’ll have to perform well on-camera. And that usually requires on-camera training.

Why do you need on-camera training?


Why Do You Need On-Camera Training?

  • Learn to focus on and engage the viewer.

  • Be present and staying in the moment.

  • Appropriate posture and gesturing.

  • How to look good on-camera.

  • What to wear (and why).

  • Crafting a message that sticks and drives conversions.

  • Using the appropriate tone of voice.

  • Maintaining eye contact with the camera, interviewer, and audience to connect with all.

  • Look and feel more confident in front of the camera to win over your viewers.

  • Leave an impact and drive your audience to action.

  • Master your tone of voice and body language for professionalism, enthusiasm, and authority.

The Desirable Interviewee Package 3-Step Process

What We Offer for The Desirable Interviewee Package with Total Price

  • Virtual Studio Shoot: $2,000

  • On-Location Shoot: $3,500

  • In-Studio Shoot: $5,000

Add-On To Your Desirable Interviewee Package

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"I discovered so much value I didn’t expect. I got so much out of working with Janette. I highly recommend you do. I know I will again."




Shiraz Baboo, International Speaker and Author

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