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Media Ready with Janette, January 25: 5 Ways On-Camera Media Training Can Still Benefit You & Your Business

Hello, I’m Janette Burke, Influencer, Online Media Personality, On-Camera Trainer, and TV Show/Podcast Host of the 4-time, award-winning lifestyle Web TV & Podcast shows, Janette’s TV, its sister spin-off, Janette’s TV Podcast, and my new series, JTV Instagram LIVE Short. Telling your story or answering questions while the cameras are rolling can be a tall order for someone who has no previous media or on-camera experience. It is easy to lose your train of thought or become intimidated when you are answering questions from reporters. As the spokesperson of your company or business, On-Camera Media Training can give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills you need to get you through even the most stressful situations - even if you’re accustomed to turning on your cell phone and shooting or today, using A.I. So, in this Media Insights Video Training & Blog Series video, I discuss 5 Reasons Why On-Camera Media Training Can Still Benefit You & Your Business. Visit to learn more about me, my On-Camera Training, Interviewing & Sponsorship Packages. Apply Today!

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