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Why Use a Teleprompter

We all tend to ramble when talking especially when people get nervous or overly confident about certain subjects, like the ones that we are experts in. With a teleprompter you can use it to keep you on the right track, and to help you read and say things naturally. If you’re wondering what a teleprompter is, it’s a device used to project a speaker’s script onto a screen when filming promo and other type of videos where the speaker appears alone on camera. This allows the speaker to keep the eye contact to the camera while speaking to it. And this makes your video more personal. It keeps your eyes on the viewer while you maintain the script instead of looking elsewhere like a piece of paper or another screen. Teleprompters are great when used correctly. In fact, in my new Janette’s Media Training Academy and 12-Week Media Training Course now open for registration in my FALL cohort (get on the Waiting List while you still can!), I devote an entire Lesson to mentoring and training my scholars how to use a teleprompter when recording any promo, sales, training, case study, or personal video for their website, blog, or social media posts so they stay on point without rambling, read naturally, and come off authentically without needing to memorize what they’re saying.

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