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THE WOW REPORT SESSION 3 – 3 Ways to Build Your Like & Trust Factor

Grab your lunch and join us today, May 19th at 12pm EST for The WOW Report. Tips to help you get SEEN, get KNOWN and get BUSINESS. Hosted by Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer, Janette Burke and photographer Marlana Semenza. In today’s Zoom LIVE video session, we talk about 3 Ways to Build Your Like & Trust Factor. Here’s a breakdown of what Janette and Marlana have to say: There are 3 steps involved in growing your business or your income. First, people must get to know you. Once you are known, then they need to like you, then trust you. Different approach from photography and to video. So, how can we do this? Marlana talks about it from a photo approach, Janette talks about it from a video approach. Know: (Marlana) - Your prospects and clients must see YOU, not stock images of what it looks like to do business with you, what makes you different? (Janette ) - Are you the worlds best-kept secret? are you visible enough? Like: (Marlana) – Your ideal client -what similarities do you have? Create commonalities, show your personality, not headshots!! Need to share stories. (Janette) - Be yourself, not everyone will like you. Worry about the right ones. It’s better to have a smaller following than a huge following that is not really interested. This is not a numbers game. Trust: (Marlana) - Don’t Fake it. Show chinks in the armor, take them along your journey, be consistent, engage, make the relationship a two way street. (Janette) - Consistency, congruency, clarity. Handles: Marlana’s Handles: Website:

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