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THE WOW REPORT SESSION 1 – How to tell your story in photos and to the media (Tell Me A Story)

Grab your lunch and join us today, May 5th at 12pm EST for The WOW Report. Tips to help you get SEEN, get KNOWN, and get BUSINESS. Hosted by Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer, Janette Burke, and photographer Marlana Semenza. In today’s Zoom LIVE video session, we talk about how to tell your story in photos and to the media. Here’s the break-down of what each of us addresses… Marlana: What type of stories do you recommend telling your audience and why? Why is it necessary to know or understand your ideal client and be able to speak to them? Can you ever tell the wrong story? Janette: What is the most important part of your message? How do you tailor your story to the media? The Importance of Knowing Your Audience. Tailor your story to specific reporters and media outlets. Many single elements of a story often have the potential of becoming a story in and of themselves. Look at different ways to approach or angle the same story so that reporters can get a different spin. Marlana’s Handles: Website:

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