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Media Matters with Janette, March 31: Reasons New Clients Don’t Think They Need Media Training

Welcome to Media Matters with Janette, my video training series & newsletter (soon to be converted into my video blog series), where I show you why media and sponsorship matter, how to reach new audiences and get more exposure for your brand, business, and products, and what you need to have in place to be a desirable sponsor or media guest that gets booked over & over. I also dispel myths about the media you may believe, answer questions you may have about the media & how it works, and also share my best Presentation & Performance On-Camera Media Training tips to help you look, sound, and feel your best every time you go on-camera for a media or podcast interview or to make your own videos and LIVES on social media or YouTube.

This Week's Topic: 4 Reasons New Clients Don’t Think They Need Media Training

A common phrase I hear from new clients is, ‘but I don’t need on-camera media training!’ No matter who you are, if you want to use media or video to market & grow your business and reach new audiences, you can benefit from media training.

What are some reasons I’ve heard?

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