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Janette Burke is an Influencer, Online Media Personality, TV Show/Podcast Host of the four-time award-winning Web and Podcast Lifestyle TV series, Janette’s TV,

and its sister spin-off Janette’s TV Podcast, & On-Camera Trainer. 


With over 20 years of media experience on both sides of the camera as a producer, interviewer, editor, columnist, and former publicist, Janette is on a mission to help serious thought leaders and experts such as:

  • Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs of lifestyle brands including clothing, makeup, jewelry, tech, travel, home furnishings, etc. 

  • Book Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, & Professionals who present on lifestyle themes and have been in business at least three years…

She strives to see YOUR dream shine. as the type of sponsor and interviewee the media is looking to feature over and over, make media sponsorship & media interviews/media tours an integral part of your marketing and see results from my top-notch interviewing, filming, on-camera training and done-for-you promotion (where you’ll be introduced to and given the opportunity to connect with 2.1 million to over 9.2 million of my total combined audience.)

Many of my clients are referred to me by:

  • PR Firms & Publicists

  • Speaking Companies & Bureaus

  • Publishers & Publishing Houses

  • Incubator/Business Programs

  • Financial Institutions & Accountants

  • Trade & Industry Associations and Events {including TV & Film}

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Whether you’re featured as a sponsor or interviewee of Janette’s TV, Janette’s TV Podcast Janette’s on JTV Instagram Short LIVE with and my team and me by your side, you’ll gain:

  1. Reach to new audiences that comprise your dream client & want to know more about your business, product or service.

  2. Third-party credibility & endorsement.

  3. Tangible proof of your ability to be a desirable, newsworthy sponsor or interviewee that you can use to obtain additional media placements yourself or with my connections to Publicists/PR Coaches and be exposed to their audiences.

  4. Knowledge & experience in what the media is looking for in a sponsor & interview.

And much more!

So how do you become the type of sponsor or interviewee the media wants to book over and over and showcase your business, products, or services? Discover my Sponsor Spotlight, Interview Showcase & On-Camera Training Packages below. And how you can work with me!

Are You Ready to Start?

  • 4-time award-winning Janette's TV & its sister spinoff Janette's TV Podcast is a lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series created and hosted by Janette and produced by Janette Burke Productions.

  • 9.2 million+ combined global following.

  • Watched & listened to primarily by women and some men in the 35-55 age category.

  • Currently in Season 13 with over 600 aired episodes.

  • Relevant lifestyle, women’s & business content featuring Celebs, Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Authors is presented to help motivate and inspire my audience to live their life their way.

Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast

Janette's TV
Watch a teaser of the latest episode

Janette's TV Podcast
Listen to a teaser of the latest episode

HEARTLAND’S stars Michelle Morgon, Aidan Moreno & Michelle Nolden on the Show's Popularity & More!Janette's TV Podcast
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Awards Won

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"Janette was amazing. Really! Janette does the research and she asks all the right questions. Her interviewing style is so great! She also really listens to the answers. She stops people just at the right time, and she lets them talk at the right times.”

Rebecca Eckler, Canadian Journalist

and International Best-Selling Author 


"I couldn’t have done my promo video commercial on Janette’s TV & Podcast without Janette’s help and expert guidance. I went from terrified of being on-camera ... to feeling confident, certain, and proud to speak up. She knows every little thing from how to take the most essential parts of your marketing message ... to elements I never would have thought of. Her patience and expertise made it happen for me."

Donna Walser

Numerology Specialist


"Janette guided me to present my message in succinct terms and communicate effectively with the camera. It helped me gain attention and recognition in my field."

Marylou Heenan, Former Financial Advisor

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