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I’m Janette Burke, Influencer, Media Personality, On-Camera Trainer, & TV Show/Podcast Host of the four-time award-winning Web and Podcast lifestyle TV series, Janette’s TV and its sister spin-off Janette’s TV Podcast. 

With over 20 years of media experience on both sides of the camera as a producer, interviewer, and editor, I’m on a mission to on-camera media train & interview :

  • Celebrities/Entertainers/Politicians

  • Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs of lifestyle brands such as clothing, makeup, jewellery, distillery, tech, cannabis, travel, automotive, home furnishings, etc.

  • Professionals

  • Coaches/Consultants/Speakers

  • Published & Self-Published Book Authors 

to shine as the type of sponsor and interviewee the media is looking to feature over and over, secure multiple placements (as opposed to being a “One & Done” sponsor or interviewee), make sponsorship & media an integral part of your marketing and see results from my expert on-camera training.

Many are referred to me by:

  • Trade & Industry Associations and Events (including TV & Films)

  • PR Firms & Publicists

  • Speaking Companies & Bureaus

  • Publishing Houses & Agents

  • Incubator/Business Programs

  • Financial Institutions & Accountants

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From On-Camera Training to professional filming to 30-60 days of done-for-you promotion where you’ll be introduced to and connect with my over-8 million audience, with Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast and me by your side, step-by-step, you’ll gain:

  • Knowledge and experience in what the media process is all about.

  • Tangible proof of your ability to be a credible, newsworthy sponsor or interviewee that you can use to obtain additional media placements yourself or with my connections to Publicists/PR Coaches and be introduced to their audiences.

  • Reach new audiences that make up your dream client.

  • Third-party credibility and endorsement.

Meet Janette


  • Over 20 years’ experience on both sides of the camera.

  • Cultivated the skills for interviewing, reporting, hosting, and writing having worked as a Media Personality, Producer, Interviewer, TV Show/Podcast Host, Editor & On-Camera Media Trainer.

  • Worked in mainstream media. Left with only 700 Facebook followers to start Janette Burke Productions, Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast.

  • Built her show to an over-8 million combined following.

  • Understands what the media is looking for in a sponsor & interviewee, what they want to feature, and that the key to success is in how you tell your story, and present & perform on-camera.

  • Knows how you can make media an effective part of your marketing and introduce new exposure to your business, brand, & products.

  • Is the published book author of 67 Ways to Make Fabulous Money Doing What You Love.

  • Was a columnist for The York Region Business Times, A Beautiful Life Magazine, & Women with Vision! Magazine. Currently a columnist for BizCatalyst 360.

  • Written 200 published article & blog posts on media, marketing, lifestyle, women’s issues, & business topics.

  • Has been interviewed dozens of times in mainstream media & podcasts, delivered countless speeches & workshops on media, women’s issues & business topics, and also serves as an MC/Panelist/Red Carpet Host & Event Speaker.

  • 4-time award-winning Janette's TV & its sister spinoff Janette's TV Podcast is a lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series created and hosted by Janette, and produced by Janette Burke Productions.

  • 8 million+ global following.

  • Watched & listened to by women and men in the 30-55 age category.

  • Currently in Season 12 with over 550 aired episodes.

  • Relevant lifestyle, women’s & business content featuring Celebs/Entertainers/Politicians, Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches/Consultants, and Published & Self-Published Book Authors is presented to help motivate and inspire my audience to live their life their way.

Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast

Janette's TV
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Janette's TV Podcast
Listen to a teaser of the latest episode

Why Content is King with Bruce Hills, President, Just For Laughs Toronto & Comedian Jean PaulJanette's TV Podcast
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Do you want to use the power of media to effectively scale & grow your business, but all your pitches either receive no response or a hard, fast “No”, especially by mainstream media?


Do you feel rejected and understand why this keeps happening?


Do you think that to succeed in media, all you need is a secured spot? (Hint: you’ll require more than that.)


Important things to know:

  1. Story: You need a good hook with a great storyline to present yourself as a desirable, knowledgeable interviewee.

  2. Nonverbals: From your wardrobe to eye contact to body language and tone of voice, how you show up with respect to connecting with the audience, and being able to capture & convert them with an exact formula, are key.

  3. How the media works: Media works on a cycle. Know what the deadlines are, the timeline they have to complete a story and interview, and the cycles that they accept and cover certain topics.

  4. The difference between a “One & Done” Interviewee vs. The Desirable Interviewee: The latter is consistently booked on multiple media spots; experiences huge reach, visibility, and exposure; and has the ability to close a significant portion of the audience as their dream client(s).


So how do you be successful in media? Check out all the ways you can with my available packages below.

Are You Ready to Start?

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"Janette was amazing. Really! Janette does the research and she asks all the right questions. Her interviewing style is so great! She also really listens to the answers. She stops people just at the right time, and she lets them talk at the right times.”

Rebecca Eckler, Canadian Journalist

and International Best-Selling Author 


"I couldn’t have done my promo video commercial on Janette’s TV & Podcast without Janette’s help and expert guidance. I went from terrified of being on-camera ... to feeling confident, certain, and proud to speak up. She knows every little thing from how to take the most essential parts of your marketing message ... to elements I never would have thought of. Her patience and expertise made it happen for me."

Donna Walser

Numerology Specialist


"Janette guided me to present my message in succinct terms and communicate effectively with the camera. It helped me gain attention and recognition in my field."

Marylou Heenan, Former Financial Advisor

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