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Which One Are You?



  • Experiencing low exposure on your business or brand?

  • Doing the latest social media trend to get attention that's not reflective of your or your brand?

  • Spending money on ads with no results?

  • Regularly connecting with your dream client?

  • Presenting an infomercial without a story?

  • Giving your dream client cause to respond?

  • Understanding what platforms your dream client is using & how to reach them?



  • Have a newsworthy story to relay about yourself or your business in a matter of minutes?

  • Realize what your message is and how to tell it in soundbites?

  • Know what type of story you have, and which media outlets would be interested in covering  it?

  • Present & perform well in a media interview? Or do you get misquoted, get put on the spot, taken out of context, or show-up caught off-guard?

  • Understand how the media works & what they are looking for in a guest? Or risk being a “One & Done”?

  • Get rejected from securing traditional/mainstream & online media spots?



  • Looking for relevant lifestyle, women's, & business content and stories that matter from Celebs, Entertainers, Founders/CEO’s, C-Suite Level Executives, Professionals, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Select Book Authors, Thought Leaders, and Lifestyle Experts?

  • Wanting to be motivated and inspired?

  • Seeking interviews that answer questions you would want to ask?

  • Wanting in-depth interviews without all the fluff?

  • Looking for a show that you can support and make a direct, tangible difference in?


With Janette’s TV, Janette’s TV Podcast, Janette's Sponsor & Advertising Opportunities, and Janette's The Desirable Interviewee Package, you’ll discover all of this, overcome your fears, and lots more!

Meet Janette

  • Over 20 years’ experience on both sides of the camera.

  • Cultivated the skills for interviewing, reporting, hosting, and writing having worked as a Media Personality, Producer, Interviewer, TV Show/Podcast Host, Editor, & On-Camera Media Trainer.

  • Worked in mainstream media. Left with only 700 Facebook followers to start Janette Burke Productions, Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast.

  • Built her show to an over-8 million combined following.

  • Understands what the media is looking for in an interviewee and how you can become a desirable interviewee to succeed with your story, presentation, and performance.

  • Knows how you can make media an effective part of your marketing and garner new exposure to your business, brand, & products.

  • Is the published book author of 67 Ways to Make Fabulous Money Doing What You Love.

  • Was a columnist for The York Region Business Times, A Beautiful Life Magazine, & Women with Vision! Magazine. Currently a columnist for BizCatalyst 360.

  • Written 200 published article & blog posts on media, marketing, lifestyle, women’s issues, & business topics.

  • Has been interviewed dozens of times, delivered countless speeches & workshops and also serves as an MC/Panelist/Red Carpet Host & Event Speaker.

  • 4-time award-winning Janette's TV & its sister spinoff Janette's TV Podcast is a lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series created and hosted by Janette, and produced by Janette Burke Productions.

  • 8 million+ global following.

  • Watched & listened to by women and men in the 30-55 age category.

  • Currently in Season 12 with over 550 aired episodes.

  • Relevant lifestyle, women’s & business content featuring Celebs/Entertainers/Politicians, Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches/Consultants, and Published & Self-Published Book Authors are presented to help motivate and inspire our audience to live their life their way.

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