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"Help, I need to be on camera (and I don't know what to do!). 


Set yourself apart from your competition with presence and personality.

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As a CEO, executive, professional, entrepreneur, sales agent and your company’s spokesperson do you struggle to…


  • Effectively express yourself & spread your message?

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field?

  • Be extensively promoted on social media, blogs & websites?

  • Get booked on TV, radio, pod, webcasts, conferences & conventions?

  • And look, sound & feel your best in the process?

You only have seconds to make a favorable first impression. Without proper training, feedback and roleplaying, you could leak irrelevant or sensitive information that can be misquoted or taken out of context. Or you could ramble-on, freeze-up and suddenly forget everything you wanted to say when the camera starts rolling for a media interview, video, LIVE, or speech. All of which can severely impact your credibility, reputation, business and brand – amounting to a PR disaster and precious waste of your time and resources.  

Why janette?

Formerly the founding publicist of Prime Time PR and editor of PRtalk (Canada’s first and only online PR magazine) turned Executive Producer, Janette Burke Productions and Host/Creator of the award-winning Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast with an over 5 million reach worldwide that she built from scratch in just under 9 years, Janette brings her 20+ years of public & media relations, journalism, producing, broadcasting and TV hosting experience to the table. From writing/blogging, scripting/messaging, branding/personal branding, body language, voice-techniques, wardrobe/image, using a teleprompter, creating a successful YouTube channel, building your following and more, Janette knows how to get you on-camera, on-stage and conversation ready.

Whether you have a media, pod or webcast interview scheduled, need to prepare for an important speech, virtual, solo, panel or TEDTalk, want to add videos (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube LIVES) to your marketing mix or simply want to become a better communicator when engaging with prospective clients, sponsors, investors or staff, One-to-One or in Groups, Janette works with you to vastly improve your communication, presentation and performance skills, so you appear polished and professional for every opportunity and audience.

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