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Get to Know Janette’s TV Podcast

  • 4-time award-winning online TV show created by Janette Burke Productions and hosted by Janette Burke.

  • Currently in Season 14 with over 600 aired episodes.

  • Episodes are released weekly to a global audience of 9.2 million consisting of savvy women aged 40+ seeking content focused on Culture, Entertainment and Lifestyle topics & issues as well as luxury products and goods that help them live life their way.


  • Celebrities & Entertainment Professionals.

  • CEO’s, Marketing Directors & Entrepreneurs of niched lifestyle brands such as Clothing, Hair, Makeup, Jewellery, Food & Beverage, Home Décor, and more!

  • Select Book Authors.

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Janette’s TV Podcast’s Audience

Consists of:

  • Educated, married & single, professional & some self-employed women.

  • Aged 40+.

  • Located in The U.S., Canada, The UK, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, and The Middle East. Primarily located in North America.

These women like to:

  • Look, feel, and dress well.

  • Enjoy travel, cuisine, and shopping.

  • Watch film and television.

  • Take an interest in politics, the environment and the changing world.

  • Understand and improve themselves, their familial & social relationships.

  • Live well financially and healthy.

  • Reside in a good home.

Why Women Over 40 Want to Watch & Listen

Janette’s TV Podcast and spinoff segments Janette’s “Tips ‘N’ Sips”, Janette’s Take On.., Janette’s TV Podcast Supplemental and Online Publication: SAVVY by Janette’s TV Podcast, provides our audience with:

  • The latest celebrity, entertainment, lifestyle & cultural news.

  • Entertainment critiques.

  • Inspirational stories of amazing achievements.

  • Product & business reviews.

  • Must-have products & services.

  • Lifestyle tips to help them live life their way.

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Meet Janette Burke, The Marquise d’Media

  • Is an Online Media Personality, TV Show/Podcast Host, MC/Speaker, & On-Camera/Podcast/YouTube Channel Trainer.

  • Has over 20 years of experience on both sides of the camera, having initially begun her career as a publicist.

  • Left traditional media with just 700 Facebook followers to start Janette Burke Productions, which produces Janette’s TV Podcast, and grow audience/following to over 9.2 million globally combined.

  • Was one of the first people in Canada to embrace using the Internet and digital platforms over Network and Traditional Television to launch a TV Show & Podcast, considered a rebel for doing so, and took a huge risk to follow her dreams of starting it.

  • Her true calling is helping her sponsors, interviewees, & clients benefit from media sponsorship & interviewing in business, deliver newsworthy media interviews, and SHINE when presenting On-Camera.

  • Is extremely passionate about storytelling & believes everyone has a story to tell.

  • Ensures her sponsors & interviewees gain credibility, significant exposure, and recognition while impacting her audience.

Janette's TV Podcast

Janette's TV Podcast
Watch a teaser of the latest episode

Janette's TV Podcast
Listen to a teaser of the latest episode

Don't Wait till You're 76 to Orgasm! The Pleasure Is All Mine with Filmmaker Vanessa SandreJanette's TV Podcast
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What Makes Janette & Janette’s TV Podcast Unique


  • Purposely asking what others don’t, Janette gets up, close & personal with her everyone she interviews, revealing their human and relatable side that her audience identifies with.

  • Janette’s interviews are well-researched, prepared & personalized to suit her audience of women aged 40+

  • She keeps the conversation real & pulls tangible information that her audience wants to know. 

  • Her audience enjoys watching & listening to her episodes taking away from the topic or idea being discussed with tips and advice on how to deal with those issues, be motivated & inspired to live life their way. 


Janette’s TV Podcast reaches over 9.2 million elite, educated women aged 40+ across the globe.


  • Content presented focuses on top-of-mind Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle issues from a women’s perspective. 

  • Episodes & segments feature Celebrities/Entertainment Professionals, CEO’s/Marketing Directors/Entrepreneurs of niched lifestyle brands, and Select Book Authors. 

  • Both in direct conversation as well as through the themes of their plays, movies, TV Shows, music, comedy, books, businesses/work, products, and causes, fashion, food, world events, home décor, dating, relationships, sex, health, aging, travel & leisure, money/finance, leadership/independence, business/media/marketing, real estate/investing, must-have products (and the real-life problems they solve), and other relevant topics are discussed. All with the intent of providing Janette’s audience with powerful insights and messages.

Janette's TV Podcast & Spin-Offs Include the Following Topics::

  • Celebrities & Entertainment

  • Government & Politics

  • Spirituality & Religion

  • Health & Wellness

  • Style & Beauty

  • Fashion

  • House & Home

  • Money & Finance

  • Travel & Leisure

  • Cooking & Food

  • Business & Leadership

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Aging

  • Children & Parenting

And more!

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Explore Janette's Sponsor & Interview Opportunities


  • Celebrities & Entertainment Professionals.

  • CEO’s, Marketing Directors & Entrepreneurs of niched lifestyle brands including clothing, makeup, jewellery, travel, home furnishings, etc.

  • Select Book Authors.

Other Ways to Work with Janette

On-Camera, Podcast, YouTube Channel Creation Training


Interview Janette on Your Show, Podcast, or Publication

Hire Janette as an Actor, Voice-Over, Spokesperson, or Model

Awards Won

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Featured On

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What Janette's TV Podcast Has Sponsored




"Janette was amazing. Really! Janette does the research and she asks all the right questions. Her interviewing style is so great! She also really listens to the answers. She stops people just at the right time, and she lets them talk at the right times.”

Rebecca Eckler, Canadian Journalist

and International Best-Selling Author 


"I couldn’t have done my promo video commercial on Janette’s TV & Podcast without Janette’s help and expert guidance. I went from terrified of being on-camera ... to feeling confident, certain, and proud to speak up. She knows every little thing from how to take the most essential parts of your marketing message ... to elements I never would have thought of. Her patience and expertise made it happen for me."

Donna Walser

Numerology Specialist


"Janette guided me to present my message in succinct terms and communicate effectively with the camera. It helped me gain attention and recognition in my field."

Marylou Heenan, Former Financial Advisor

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