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Media Ready with Janette, December 7: 7 Reasons to Make Media Interviews Part of Your Marketing

Welcome to Media Insights with Janette Video Training & Blog Series.

Have you been thinking of changing your marketing up to get a jump start on 2024 sales?

Have you considered adding media interviews?

In this video training, I give you 7 reasons why media interviews are valuable addition to your marketing.

If you’re an expert or thought leader (such as a speaker, coach, consultant, book author, small business owner, or professional) who wants to showcase your business, story, & product or service and make media a part of your marketing, my Interview Showcase Package can help. Connect with my audience, so they get to know you, your brand, and your story.

• Be showcased on Instagram, which is the best platform for direct reach & connection through visual conversation.

• Gain experience in how filming & conducting a media interview works.

• Receive tangible proof on film that you are a credible, newsworthy interviewee.

• Make a greater impact.

• Increase brand awareness.

Generate more visibility & exposure.

And more!

Visit the links below to see how to What I Offer and Apply for my Interview Showcase Package.

Website: – Sign-up to receive Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast Chronicles, Media Insights with Janette Video Training & Blog Series Emails, and More!

Interview Showcase Package Application Form:

Questions? If you have a question that you want answered in an upcoming Media Insight video, just shoot me a message on social @ Janette Burke. Or email me at

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