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THE WOW REPORT SESSION 4 – 3 Things to Consider Before You Go On-Camera

Grab your lunch and join us today, May 26th at 12pm EST for The WOW Report. Tips to help you get SEEN, get KNOWN, and get BUSINESS. Hosted by Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer, Janette Burke, and photographer Marlana Semenza. In today’s final LIVE Zoom video session, we talk about 3 Things to Consider Before You Go On-Camera. Here’s a breakdown of what Janette and Marlana have to say:

1. Know your audience: (Janette) What is your purpose, different types of lives or videos you can be doing (Marlana ) The importance of an avatar, internet a noisy place, can tell the wrong story

2. What is your message? (Janette ) know what you’re going to say, have a script, break your message down into pieces and a time frame (Marlana ) What does your audience need to know? Why you? What problem do you solve?

3. How to get the best end result (Janette) studio setup, audio, lighting, background, wardrobe (Marlana) principles of lighting no matter what camera you use: window light (soft), open shade, overcast days Marlana’s

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