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THE WOW REPORT SESSION 2 - 3 Ways to Be Proactive About Your Image

Grab your lunch and join us today, May 12th at 12pm EST for The WOW Report. Tips to help you get SEEN, get KNOWN and get BUSINESS. Hosted by Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer, Janette Burke and photographer Marlana Semenza. In today’s Zoom LIVE video session, we talk about 3 Ways to Be Proactive About Your Image (physical and the one you present to the world). Here’s a breakdown of what Janette and Marlana have to say: . What is the biggest mistake you see people make? Janette: Not paying enough attention to your appearance: Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe Marlana: Not having a plan and not knowing who your audience is (not knowing how to pose for camera) What are these mistakes costing you? Janette: Clients, business, media gigs, speaking gigs because you are not coming off as professional and polished. Marlana: Costing you a client, relate-ability to what you are trying to say and attract - presenting an image that gels with that. there isn’t a disconnect between your words and your physical presence. Our physical being needs to be alignment with the message and image we project to the world and they see you as What are some of the ways we can correct this? Janette: Take a look at self and ask does this equal with this (business card example) Marlana: Google yourself : check for quality, quantity and direction.√ Marlana’s Handles: Website:

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