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How to Do Hair & Make-Up for Any Camera

From Zoom calls to media, podcast & speaking opportunities, even creating your own videos and LIVES, these days, more than ever, knowing the right way to present and conduct yourself on-camera is crucial to your brand and credibility.

First impressions count. Like it or not, your image is what your potential clients, sponsors, investors, fans, and followers instantly notice. It takes them 0.1 seconds to form a lasting impression and decide if they want to know more about your business, and work with you. A feeling they get just by looking at your face.  According to a series of experiments conducted by Princeton psychologists, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, longer exposure doesn’t alter those impressions. 

Put your best face forward. So, to ensure you put your best face forward, in today’s Lessons from the Limelight LIVE Facebook training that I made just for you on a Janette's TV/Janette's TV Podcast Shoot Day, I talk about:

  • How to do your hair & makeup for any camera - whether you’re seeking a more polished media, webcast, or virtual speaking appearance, or a more casual make your own videos or LIVE on the fly from your phone or computer.

  • I also give you some of my best Hair & Makeup tips and personal on-camera favorite products, discuss how to apply and where to purchase them.

Watch Here:

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