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Why Using a Multi-Prong Sponsor/Interviewee Approach Is the Best Way to Reach Your Dream Clients

Media Ready with Janette, September 6th:

Looking to use the power of media to effectively scale & grow your business? Then the best way to reach your dream client is by using a multi-prong approach that combines sponsorship with interviewing. That’s why I offer both in my Sponsor Spotlight Package.

But just how can combining sponsorship with interviewing make you Be SEEN, BE HEARD, and BE KNOWN as a more desirable sponsor or interviewee? And why use a multi-approach?

Reason 1 - For starters, preparing you to be camera-ready. This is super important as on-camera training helps to bring you out of your shell, so you are more confident, present, perform, and communicate well.

Reason 2 - Increased Visibility is another good reason. Sponsoring a show in the same industry your business is in can boost your brand's visibility. When you're interviewed in the same media you sponsor, it reinforces your presence and message, which makes it more likely to reach your target audience. As well as reaching that same dream client using multiple methods.

Reason 3 - Credibility & Trust are two more reasons: When you choose to go on an outlet that aligns with your industry and whose audience is your dream client, you know you’re not wasting precious time and resources. Interviewing allows you to speak to them in a personal manner, while sponsorship positions your business as useful.

Reason 4 - Multiple Forms of Content is yet another reason. Interviews and sponsorship produce content that can be broken down and repurposed for your own use in campaigns, social media, and website.

If you want to connect with your target audience through sponsorship and interviews, visit to see how you can work with me. You’ll also get my Janette’s TV & Podcast and Media Ready emails, and much more!

If you have a question that you want answered in an upcoming Media Ready video, shoot me a message @ Janette Burke.

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