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Vaughan Film Festival: International Lineup

Janette Burke Productions, Janette's TV & Podcast is delighted to be an official media sponsor of the Vaughan Film Festival. In the International category, films air over a period of two nights. Films from countries include: Canada, USA, France, Finland, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Greece, Estonia, and Spain. They include the categories of: drama, biopic, sci-fi, comedy, animation, and feel-good.

Some of these films are:

censor of dreams: Every night, The Censor and his team moderate Yoko’s dreams. Tonight nothing happens as planned.

lioness: Barricaded in a motel room, a mothers determination and primal instincts kick in to protect her child's innocence.

the bubble: When strict pandemic restrictions are relaxed to allow for the formation of 10 person social bubbles, Charlie's prayers are answered. But squeezing into a bubble proves more challenging than she expected.

dribble: The bond between a young boy and his disabled older brother, is unbreakable through their love of soccer.

sandstorm: A coming-of-age film about a young woman who submerges herself into her phone during her first romantic relationship. After sharing a risqué video, Zara is blackmailed, and her self-worth is put to the test.

benevolent: When two post-grad best-friends reunite, bitter truths emerge threatening to tear their friendship apart.

dame: A lost and grieving Elizabeth Taylor returns to work and courageously delivers one of the greatest performances of her life.

Find out more about these films and other ones in the international lineup, and get your tickets, at

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