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Media Ready with Janette, 9/18: 3 Reasons to Be a Media Sponsor & Grow Your Business with Longevity

Hello, I’m Janette Burke, Influencer, Media Personality, TV Show/Podcast Host of the 4-time, award-winning lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series, Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast, and On-Camera Trainer. Welcome to another Media Ready Video Training & Blog Series with Janette.

If you want to grow your business, reach your dream client, and convert them to paying, the most effective way to do so is through media exposure. Sometimes we think this means media interviews and going on a media tour. But there's something else to consider than can be extremely beneficial. And that's longevity which comes from being a media sponsor.

In today’s video I talk about 3 reasons to being a media sponsor and benefiting from the longevity it brings.

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