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Media Ready, 10/5: Media Interview Benefits & Strategies You Can Use to Leverage Your Expertise

Hello, I’m Janette Burke, Influencer, Media Personality, TV Show/Podcast Host of the 4-time, award-winning lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series, Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast, and On-Camera Trainer. Welcome to another Media Ready Video Training & Blog Series with Janette.

How can you showcase your knowledge and enhance your credibility in your field of expertise? Through media interviews.

Today, I’m going to share some of the benefits and strategies you can use to leverage media interviews to become the leading go-to expert:

Exposure and recognition: Appearing in media & podcast interviews exposes you to both a new audience and your dream client. The more interviews you do, the more you’ll be recognized.

Demonstrate your expertise: You’ll be able to share your insights and knowledge on the topic of the interview. Your responses can establish you as the one to go to.

Build trust in who you are: Media & podcast outlets can act as a source of third-party credibility, which boosts your reputation and validity, because they’re interviewing and featuring you and your business.

Presenting and performing well: Researching the topic, understanding the audience, knowing how the process behind the interview itself works, and practicing your answers & key talking points all help so you present confidently and concisely. This allows your expertise shine through.

So, what can you take away and apply from this? Media interviews aren’t just opportunities for exposure. They’re an effective marketing tool that when done correctly can establish credibility and expertise for you, your business, and your products. You can build trust, demonstrate you’re the one to go with, boost your reputation and credibility, and get yourself out there.

If you want to get your business showcased and your product or service in front of your dream client through media interviews, but don’t have the time or contacts to pitch and secure airtime on a traditional network or podcast, don’t worry. Instead, visit to see how you can work with me!

You’ll also get my Janette’s TV & Podcast and Media Ready emails, and much more! If you have a question that you want answered in an upcoming Media Ready video, shoot me a message @ Janette Burke.

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