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Media Matters with Janette March 3: Myth: All You Need Are Connections for Media Success

Welcome to Media Matters with Janette, my video training series & newsletter, where I show you why media matters, how to reach new audiences and get more exposure for your brand, business, & products; and what you need to have in place to be a desirable media guest that gets booked over & over. I also dispel myths about the media you may believe, answer questions you may have about the media & how it works, and also share my best Presentation & Performance On-Camera Media Training tips to help you look, sound, and feel your best every time you go on-camera for a media or podcast interview or to make your own videos and LIVES on social media or YouTube.

This Week's Topic: Media Myth: All You Need Are Connections to be Successful in the Media. Looking to Embark on a Media Tour & Ace Your Media Interviews? I Can Help! Visit

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