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The visibility, publicity and exposure that you receive in the media including pod and webcasts, can boost your business overnight!


A huge opportunity to get publicity and reach over 5 million women (and smart men) worldwide, ages 30-55! 

As a media strategist, former publicist and editor who is also the producer of her own online show as well as a TV host and guest booker, step-by-step, I will reveal my trade secrets and insider knowledge on how to pitch the media and get booked.

I will teach you how to create effective media pitches that get noticed as opposed to getting lost in a sea of emails or tossed in the trash.

“Thank you for having me on Janette's tv”

“Have a few minutes? From leaving my son at ten weeks to go on a vacation, to writing about how messed up blended families can be, and what you should know, to being drunk when my daughter, Rowan, was conceived, to my mental health, to writing about cannabis use, and, to, yes, I did pay $7000 to be a character in a Margaret Atwood book, for charity, to the question of whether I consider myself a “role model” and how I beat to my own drum, thank you for this wonderful interview Janette Burke! You are a pro, and a hustler and ask the good questions, three traits I adore! So thank you for having me on Janette's TV.”

- Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler National Post



As good as cell phone cameras and editing technology are today, there’s still a big difference between the video shot on it, your computer, Zoom, Skype or Facebook Live and that of a professional-grade camera which most CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales agents overlook without realizing what a grave disservice they are doing to their brand. Audiences need to be engaged by visuals and audio. Without these elements in place, they tune-out to what you are saying and to the product or service that you want to show them. Think about it. How many Facebook Lives shot inside a car or with wide black margins, shaky and out of focus are you enticed to watch? What impression do they leave you with? Are you quick to do business with the person featured? Time to exhibit the value of what you do!

Lights, camera, action!

We have the perfect shoot for you! Whether in a studio setting with one, two or three-cameras, Live-on-Location, Split-Screen interview, promo video, product demo or review, Janette Burke Productions and Janette’s TV provides quality videos with a cinematic feel. This is where you and your brand will have a chance to shine, showcase a new product, or show off your business facilities.  

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