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The exposure your receive by having your brand or product prominently featured on Janette’s TV & Podcast will garner your brand awareness, visibility, publicity, and exposure to over 5 million women (and smart men!) ages 30-55 worldwide.  Elevate your status. And take your business to new heights.


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As a media strategist, former publicist and editor who is also the producer of her own online show as well as a TV host and guest booker, step-by-step, I will reveal my trade secrets and insider knowledge on how to pitch the media and get booked.

I will teach you how to create effective media pitches that get noticed as opposed to getting lost in a sea of emails or tossed in the trash.

Janette's Tv & podcast statistics

Audience: over 5 million combined viewers and growing!

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Expected Outcomes Include:


- Increasing your like & trust factor & establishing your credibility

- Effectively spreading your marketing message

- Raising your profile & voice

- Sharing your vision, purpose & mission

- Telling your personal story & letting customers know why you do what you do

- Increasing brand awareness

- Polishing your personal brand & image

- Using the training & tools Janette provides you with to become more “Media Worthy” & land more media, podcast, and speaking appearances

- Acing media, pod & webcast interviews

- Appearing more confidant & charismatic on-camera and on-stage

- Experiencing how the media work & the entire TV process

- Improving your presentation & performance skills

- Being visible in social media

- Expanding your network

- Reaching & engaging more customers

- Attracting sponsors & investors

- Building your own platform

- Driving more traffic to your website

- Increasing conversions & boosting your bottom line