Janette presents a variety of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn LIVES, video and media/marketing keynotes, workshops, lunch ‘n learns, webinars and panels suitable for 6 or more participants and will also take part in online tutorials, Watch Parties, Zoom, Summits, Google Chat as well as coaching buffets. As a media personality, she is also available as an M.C. for charity fundraisers, corporate and red carpet events.

Get On-Camera, On-Stage and Conversation Ready with Janette

Janette Burke is the Executive Producer, Host & Creator of the award-winning Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast. Having interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, and experts, she knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. So she also provides Mentoring & Training to CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and sales agents who wish to garner more media attention and improve their presentation, performance and communication skills when appearing on-camera (media, pod & webcast interviews, videos or LIVES), speaking virtually or on-stage (solo or panel), preparing a TEDTalk or interacting with clients, sponsors, and staff. 

“you are an expert worth hiring”

This was time well-spent. It made me realize how much is involved in writing PR/Media materials and implementing a PR strategy and how I should have been doing it to promote my business all along.”

- jonathan weaver

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14% of people believe what they read on social media.


83% of people believe what they see or read about in the media.


Keynote: Why aren’t you in the media or making media & speaking part of your marketing plan?


Media & speaking placements have never been more important for both start-ups and established businesses. But every time you go on camera for a media, pod or webcast interview, on stage to speak or when you make videos/LIVES from your computer or phone or on Zoom, you risk your reputation.

Talking to the media isn’t the same as having a conversation with your best-friend.  Your best-friend doesn’t care what you look like and no matter how many glasses of wine you toss back, knowing you and your story, can still figure out what you’re trying to say.


That’s not the way it works in the media or speaking engagements where you only have seconds to get your message across effectively and where if you show-up unprepared, you can easily be taken out of context, misquoted, or put on the spot - amounting to a wasted golden opportunity for publicity & exposure that you might never get back. 


Whether you dream of dazzling audiences with your marketing message, being featured in print, radio, TV, pod & webcasts, obtaining more virtual & in-person speaking gigs, making your own quality videos & LIVES on Zoom or social media, launching a YouTube channel or podcast and growing your following, to get results, you must be confidant, in-control, and well-prepared.

You need captivating content; clear and concise messaging and you need to shine. After all, don’t you want your brand to be the absolute best it can be?

During this talk, Janette will showcase the 3 Things You Must Have In-Place to be a newsworthy media guest or speaker on world stages.

Keynote and breakout topics:

- 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Shoot Your First Video

- 5 Ways to Look and Sound Your Best on Camera

- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Media But Were too Afraid to Ask

- What the Media Wants to See in Your Pitch Letter

- What the Media Wants to See in Your Media Kit

- Handling Interviews Like A Pro

- What Event Organizers Want to See in Your Speaker's Sheet

- 10 Essential Elements of A Compelling Speech That Engages & Converts Your Audience

- Branding/The Key to Unleashing Your Greatness & Developing a Successful Business

- A Beginners Guide to Social Media

How to Dress Like a Celebrity Without Breaking The Bank - Secrets from the Retailer’s Daughter

- 10 Things Women do to Sabotage Their Success

- How to Sell to Women

- 67 Plus Ways to Promote Yourself & Make Money Today!

- What You Should Know Before You Abandon Traditional for 21st Century Marketing

- A slew of tailored media, video, speaking, presentation & performance talks based

on Janette’s Media Mentoring & Training articles, videos, and blog posts

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