and become the go-to expert in your field

Learn how to put YOURSELF in the spotlight, connect with your audience and build a tribe of raving fans

Whether you are looking to gain visibility, exposure in the media, a speaking gig, TEDTalk or corporate promotion, Janette is on a mission to help CEOs, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and sales agents speak up and assume the spotlight. 

Walk away from your One-to-One or Group sessions feeling confident, prepared and effective in any situation - whether it’s communicating in the media, on stage, on video, or in person.

Janette is truly a Media, Presentation and Performance Expert.

Prior to working with Janette, I completed in detail an intake form. This helped her to identify gaps in my marketing, branding, messaging and positioning, and develop a customized mentoring and training program that was specific to my needs. Over 10 one-to-one calls, I always felt in good hands as she helped me tweak and strengthen my marketing message for my website content. We also completely reworked and developed my Signature Talk, as well as identified break-out talks I could deliver virtually or in person. In addition, we modified my PowerPoint Presentation to make the talk flow better, so audiences could clearly understand who I am, what I do and how I can help them overcome their health and wellness issues with my powerful 5 P system. We then moved on to creating a media strategy for me to gain traditional, media, pod and webcast placements. Janette taught me what to look for in media placements, what my possible story angles are, and how to compose my Media Pitch letter with supporting Media materials. She also helped me create interview questions and answers and showed me how to simplify, shorten and break-up my responses into sound-bites that audiences could easily digest. Next, she showed me how to develop a Speaker Sheet and use it to increase my chances for more media and speaking exposure. We tackled my Social Media positioning and several other related things. I walked away understanding what makes me, my programs and my system unique, and compelling content that converts and sells. She showed me how to do more with less and created cohesiveness to my purpose and mission. I was always fired-up during our sessions and eager to implement all the wealth of information Janette shared with me such as booklets, templates and homework exercises. Janette is truly a Media Marketing, Presentation and Performance Expert. She unleashes your WOW Factor and teaches you how to assume the spotlight, so you can become the go-to expert in your industry.  


Your Get Healthy Coach

Janette’s Mentoring & Training Areas

Overall Presence and Communication Skills

- Project clarity, confidence, and presence in your delivery.

- Build your brand, win trust and move people to action.

- Discover how to embrace your fears and anxiety and use them to your advantage.

- Learn vocal warm-up and training exercises.

- Obtain wardrobe and makeup tips to help you look polished and enhance your natural image and charm.

Speech Consulting & Mentoring

- Prepare clear concise messages that keep the audience’s attention.

- Inspire and move people with personal stories that audiences will remember.

- Speak more conversationally.

- Use body language, voice techniques, and props more effectively.

 Presentation Training

- Present technical or complex material so that everyone understands.

- Be more persuasive and win support.

- Develop a confident and relaxed presentation style.

Panel Training

- Discover the different skill sets needed to be a moderator and panelist. 

- Learn how to research a topic, write a welcome and introductions.

- Discover how to bring out the best in the panelists and facilitate conversation.

- Learn techniques to keep conversations informative, lively, on point and on time.

- Learn how to project confidence, communicate your message and showcase your expertise effectively.

On-Camera Video Training

- Learn how to feel at ease, exude confidence and charisma on camera for professional and promotional videos.

- Learn how to use body language, facial expressions, and your voice to convey your message.

- Learn teleprompter skills.

 Media Training

- Understand how the media works.

- Confidently handle any interview.

- Develop key messages that will build your credibility and help share you and your company’s vision.

- Learn how to speak in soundbites and create memorable quotes.

- Practice on-camera interviews with feedback.

Communication Training For Women

- Discover your authentic voice.

- Breakthrough internal barriers.

- Become confident, clear and effective communicators.

Keynotes, Customized Group Workshops/Training and One-on-One Consulting Available

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