Is your product right for Janette's tv & podcast?

This impactful package features products that enhance the well-being and lives of Janette's TV & Podcast's key 30–55-years-old audience. Present your product to Janette’s loyal followers to get your brand front and center to this key demographic.

  • Be featured in Janette's TV & Podcast content with a Brought to You By credit insert at the beginning and end of the episode

  • Record a 1-minute scripted commercial to compliment your ad with your logo and contact info that will play during the episode and be distributed throughout Janette's multiple broadcast channels

  • Be highlighted on Janette's TV & Podcast YouTube Channel and website – and introduced to her audience with influenced endorsement

  • Receive instruction on how to prepare a professional narrative showcasing your product

  • Receive video & audio clips to use on your website and social channels

Janette's Tv & podcast statistics

JTV Statistics.png

North America (Canada & U.S.) – 92.8%


United Kingdom (UK) – 3.9%


Australia/New Zealand – 1.9%


South Africa – 0.5%


Europe – 0.24%


Middle East – 0.1%


over 5 million viewing audience and growing!

Audience Is Global But Marketing Can Be Local!

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Do you want to have your BRAND showcased, promoted, and featured to an audience of over 5 million targeted consumers?

Traditional media and advertising are dead or dying - making the internet the vehicle of choice for most savvy business owners. With many businesses pivoting online and doing whatever it takes to survive these days, it is extremely important to get your business and products featured prominently on video and audio, as well as across multiple social media channels. You need awareness, exposure, and reach to get maximum traction. Janette’s Product Spotlight Package can help you do just that.

Using Janette's TV & Podcast as a signature platform to highlight your product or service will quickly make you and your business a STAR. With thousands of viewers and listeners, Janette’s TV & Podcast reaches millions of women (and smart men!) across the globe. Janette’s flagship Product Spotlight Package will quickly garner Awareness, Reach, and Recognition without you even having to appear on camera! So, all you need do is sit back and enjoy the ride.



preparing for your commercial


Preparation is everything! Before you record your commercial, Janette will send you her Getting At Your Message Workbook to ensure you have everything covered about your message. This will guide you in devising a script that best represents you for your recorded 60-second commercial.


She will also spend 30-minutes reviewing your script and provide you with helpful tips to promote your product and record your 60-second commercial.

expected outcomes


- Increasing your following & establishing your credibility

- Effectively spreading your marketing message

- Raising your profile & voice

- Sharing your vision, purpose & mission

- Letting customers know what you do

- Increasing brand awareness



Janette and her team proactively get the word out for you! The episode and your ad will be promoted to:

● 100,000+ people in Janette’s community that receive Janette's TV & Podcast's Centre Stage Notice publication.

● Janette's vlog on the Janette’s TV & Podcast section of her website to help you reach another audience and let them know about your business ($200 Value).

● 25 targeted posts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram groups that represent your identified ideal customer over the course of 60 days.

● 4 targeted Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube Ads

● Plus, you’ll receive a backlink to your website in the episode description to help you increase your SEO ($100 Value).​

You will also receive a professionally edited digital copy of your commercial along with distribution rights for future promotion on your website, newsletter, or social media pages.

**To top it all off, you’ll also be able to provide us with a giveaway with retail value that will get promoted along with the episode and also appear on Janette’s website for added exposure. Members of Janette’s audience will register to win this prize. You will receive the winner’s name and list of registrants that you can follow-up with. See giveaway guidelines for more details.

expected outcomes


- Experiencing how the media works & the entire TV process

- Creating segment clips

- Creating a Show Reel to use to get more media, pod & webcast placements

- Using the training & tools Janette provides you with to become more “media worthy” & land more media, podcast, and speaking appearances

*HST applies to Canadian residents only


(regularly $797)

+ $77.61 HST

($674.61 Total)