Is your product right for Janette to recommend?


This impactful program features products and services that enhance the well-being and lives of our key 30-55 year old audience. Have Janette use her sway to pitch your product to her loyal followers to get your brand front and center to this key demographic.


Each Product Showcase Package provides you with:


● Being featured in our content and on our broadcast channels

● Influenced endorsement by Janette

● Highlighted on our website and distributed to our audience

Janette's Tv statistics

Do you want to have your BRAND showcased, promoted, and featured to an audience of over 5 million targeted consumers?


Traditional media and advertising are dead or dying - making the internet the vehicle of choice for most savvy business owners. With many businesses pivoting online and doing whatever it takes to survive, it is extremely important to get your business featured prominently on video, as well as across multiple social media channels. You need awareness, exposure, and reach to get maximum traction. We can help you do just that.


Using Janette's TV and Janette's TV Podcast as a signature platform to highlight your product or service will quickly make you and your business a STAR. Yes, we have thousands of viewers and reach millions of women (and smart men!) across the globe. Our flagship Product Showcase Package will quickly garner Awareness, Reach, and Recognition without you even having to appear on camera! So, all you need do is sit back and enjoy the ride.



● Professionally scripted narrative showcasing your product

● Edited clips to use on your website and social channels

● Distribution across our network channels

● Featured on Janette’s TV & Podcast



Your journey begins with Janette taking the time to learn all about your business, product, or service and then act as your spokesperson, appearing on camera for you. Her natural, impactful communication and scripting style will help tell the true story behind your business, why it is so important to you, and most importantly, why people want to buy what you have to offer.



Preparation is everything! Before the shoot, Janette will spend 60-minutes with you via phone or Skype to ensure she has everything covered about your message, so she can devise a script for teleprompter that best represents you. Or if you prefer to go on-camera, Janette will use this time to Media/On-Camera Mentor & Train you to make sure you have your key speaking points, voice techniques, body language, wardrobe, etc. down pat. She will also provide you with helpful tips to promote your product and ensure you look, sound & feel your best on-camera. You will receive the same pre-show prep that television professionals get - which creates the all-important perception of authenticity, trustworthiness, and credibility. Overcome your fear of being on-camera and ace your on-camera appearance.

You will also receive Janette's Do's & Don'ts for being on-camera and other booklets, full of her expert advice.



• A high-quality product review or demonstration designed to be informative, entertaining, and high shareable!

• A 2-minute demonstration or review to show what your product can do for your customers (either done for you by Janette or with you and Janette).

• Our professionally trained cinematographers will help create an alluring and aspirational experience. Remember: perception is reality, especially in the image-driven world of social media channels.



We proactively get the word out for you! We will promote your segment to:


● 100,000+ people in our community via a 300-word editorial feature in Janette's TV Centre Stage Notice publication.

● A well-written piece, done for you by Janette and her team, will also appear on Janette's blog on her website to help you reach another audience and let them know about your business ($200 value).

● 25 targeted posts in Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram groups that represent your identified ideal customer over the course of 60 days.

● Plus, you will also receive a backlink to your website in the video description to help you increase your SEO ($100 value).


**To top it all off, you will also receive a professionally edited digital copy of your video coverage along with distribution rights for future promotion on your website, newsletter or social media pages that can be broken down into smaller segments.



+ $77.61 HST

($674.61 Total)

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