Presentation & Performance Mastery for Camera, Video, Stage and Face-to-Face Interactions

Put YOURSELF in the spotlight, connect with your audience and build a tribe of raving fans. And set yourself apart from your competition with presence and personality.

When it comes to boosting sales, building your credibility, like and trust factors, ranking higher on Google, generating traffic to your website and keeping them there, explaining your product or service, having your social media content shared and engaging customers, more than ever, video has become an essential part of today’s marketing. To make it really effective, it has to be done well.


  • Hitting record on your computer or mobile phone camera, doing a LIVE on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, an interview or call on Zoom or Skype, taking the stage or interfacing with a prospect and naturally exuding confidence and personality.

  • Your words flowing easily, allowing you to authentically share your voice, ideas, and originality.

  • Uploading your videos without being afraid to play them back or share them with the world.

  • Delivering speeches that captivate and convert your audience.

  • Clients finding you instead of you struggling to find them.

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Get on-camera, on-stage and conversation-ready

“Video/Media Marketing Consulting and Training that Gets You Noticed!”

I have never known another business person like Janette Burke. Her energy and enthusiasm for her profession is astounding. She is a living testament to her own preaching on video and media marketing and it’s what gives her all the creditability she needs. I highly recommend Janette for all your video/media marketing and coaching needs – her consulting will get you noticed!

- Ronnie Swais

The Canadian Networker, Online Resource Centers for Entrepreneurs

Janette’s strategies, feedback, and support will get you ready to share your true power through media interviews, video/LIVES, Zooms, and speeches. With 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and 4 billion video views per day you need to know how to utilize the power of video to share your message, grow your business and attract your ideal clients. You also need to learn how to give a captivating speech. And how to present yourself well to prospective clients, sponsors, investors, and staff, when in meetings or on calls.

When you own your voice and your presence people will be drawn to you and you’ll be able to motivate, inspire and persuade them with little to no effort. It might feel like a dream, but it can be your reality. All you need is the right tools and guidance.

Janette, Host of Janette's TV
Janette's TV Behind the Scenes


  • Branding/content/messaging – so you know what to say on-camera and exactly how to say it.  Or what to put in your speech.

  • Scripting - Develop a script with Janette that is tailored to apply to Facebook Live or 1-minute Promo Video (commercial about your business) and learn to deliver it in brand voice without seeming like you’re rehearsed or reading it.

  • Interviewing skills – so you’re prepared to invite brilliant guests to join your videos and host them like a pro.

  • Body Language, Voice Technique & Breathing - how to use your posture, body language, gestures, facial expressions, and voice to convey your message effectively.

  • Image, Wardrobe/Make-up – learn how to look camera and stage-ready, and polished, while still expressing your natural style.

  • How to read a teleprompter app – so you can relax and keep on-point without having to memorize everything.


Session Breakdown


1. Janette's Guide to Setting Up Your Own Home Studio

  • Lighting, background and camera angles – so you don’t waste time shooting videos or LIVES that make you look like an amateur (and distract from your message).

  • Video equipment 101 – to help you save time, money and frustration on products that won’t work for you.

2. Setting up your own YouTube channel 1-Hour call

  • Build your brand and grow your online community.



12 sessions


Group workshop

12 hours (over 2 days)


Group workshop

18 hours (over 3 days)


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($2256.61 Total)

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($4516.61 Total)

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