Welcome to Janette’s Trade Secrets YouTube Channel

In this video, Janette introduces CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales agents to her new YouTube Channel, Janette’s Trade Secrets, and Media Mentoring & Training Services. She talks about how she went from working behind the cameras as The Founding Publicist of Prime Time PR and Former Editor of PRtalk (where she placed her clients in print, radio, TV, Satellite and Internet media placements) to Producing and Hosting the award-winning Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast for 9 Seasons. And how you can now harness her wisdom, expert tips, and advice to increase your chances for media, pod and webcast exposure and improve your presentation, performance & communication skills when appearing on-camera (in media interviews, videos or LIVES), speaking virtually or in-front of an audience on-stage (either solo, panel or TEDTalk) or when interacting with prospective clients, investors, sponsors or staff.

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