Struggling to Secure Those Golden Opportunities? … I’ve Been There!

In this video, Janette introduces her FREE Media Masterclass. In case you didn’t already know, Janette has been sharing her media, television and speaker secrets with her exclusive 1:1 client’s for years. Because let’s be real – gaining media exposure and presenting yourself as a polished industry leader is NOT as easy as it looks, despite what we see on Instagram. A frustration that most business owners have is knowing they have an amazing story to tell and yet no one is jumping to allow them to share their story on their platform... They hear “crickets” after they pitch a great story or if they do get exposure in front of the right audience no one reaches out! When we experience these kinds of things, it’s easy to think the problem is with our message or we can’t find the right audience. “Maybe I should change my story”… “Maybe I should be pitching more people”... “Maybe I should revamp my brand so I am more exciting”... None of this is the answer.

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