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Non- Verbal Communication Media Masterclass starting June 16th

Register for Janette’s Media Masterclass, starting June 16th If you ask anyone in business, they will say communication is key for building your brand and raising awareness. What you say is important to whoever you’re speaking to. But as humans, only 7% of what we communicate is spoken words. So, what’s equally if not more important, is the body language you communicate with. People call this non-verbal communication. It may seem miniscule to what’s being said and how you say it, but there’s also the hand gestures, the facial expressions and many other non-verbal communications that give what you’re saying more power. Impressions are being formed before you even utter a word. If you want to be able to handle any outlet of media or speaking, you need to work on this. In today’s Media Training, Janette Burke, Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer (,discusses Non-Verbal Communication. Register for Janette’s FREE Media Masterclass starting June 16th –

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