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Are you a:


  1. Celebrity/Entertainer/Comic/Musician/Recording Artist?

  2. Politician?

  3. Producer/Content Creator?

  4. Founder/CEO/Entrepreneur of a lifestyle brand including clothing, makeup, jewelry, travel, home furnishings, etc?

  5. Book Author, Small or Mid-Sized Business Owner, or Professional who presents on lifestyle themes and issues?


Have you been in your field or business for at least 3 years?


Do you have a newsworthy story you feel compelled to tell?

Are You Fed Up With:


  1. Not having the right avenues for media exposure for the product, service, book, film, play, TV show, album, or event you want to promote or sell?

  2. Not reaching & educating ideal prospects (in your specific target demographic) about who you are and what you have to offer?

  3. Not having the time, knowledge, or resources to connect with your ideal consumer individually, and would prefer to reach them collectively via mass communication?

  4. Not having an affordable alternative to paid ads and other marketing that places you in front of qualified people all at once?

  5. Needing to hire a publicist, PR Rep or PR Coach to pitch the media for you or having to pitch them directly yourself - where you are at their mercy to get the go ahead?

  6. The long, slow cycles and waiting periods that often come with media placements?

  7. 3-5-minute segments where you feel rushed and must contend other interviewees for the audience’s attention?


If you crave the exact opposite, understand the importance & value of media sponsorship & interviews, and being properly featured by a professional media expert, I’m Your Girl!


Who I Am & What I Bring to the Table:


Hi, I’m Janette Burke, Online Media Personality, TV Show/Podcast Host of the four-time award-winning lifestyle Web TV, Janette’s TV, and its spinoffs Janette’s TV Podcast, Janette’s TV & Podcast Supplemental, JTV YouTube LIVE Shorts, Janette’s Take On…and Janette’s “Tips ‘N’ Sips”; MC/Speaker, and On-Camera Trainer with over 20 years of media experience on both sides of the camera.


As a media sponsor or interviewee of Janette’s TV & Janette’s Podcast, Janette’s “Tips ‘N’ Sips”,  Janette’s TV & Podcast Supplemental and JTV YouTube LIVE Shorts, you’ll walk away with hard results from mine and my team’s top-notch producing, interviewing, filming, and done-for-you promotion; be introduced to and given the opportunity to connect with 4 million to over 9.2 million of my total combined viewing & listening audience. And lots more!

Either directly or referred to me by:


  • Publishers & Publishing Houses

  • Incubator/Business Programs

  • Financial Institutions & Accountants

  • Trade & Industry Associations and Events {including TV & Film}


clients come to me to BE SEEN, BE HEARD and BE KNOWN!


From exclusive visibility & exposure to brand association and measurable data as a sponsor, credibility, and newsworthiness to reach & convert members of my audience as an interviewee, take advantage of my Sponsor Spotlight Package:

Level 1, Janette’s “Tips ‘N’ Sips”

Level 2, Sponsor Spotlight Complete.

Or my Interview Showcase Package:

Level 1: JTV YouTube LIVE Shorts or Janette's TV & Podcast Supplemental.

Level 2: Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast Complete.


Learn which level is your best fit and how you can work with me below!

Ready to Start?

About Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast:


  • 4-time award-winning Janette's TV & its sister spinoff Janette's TV Podcast is a lifestyle Web TV & Podcast series created and hosted by Janette and produced by Janette Burke Productions.

  • Additional spinoff series include Janette’s TV & Podcast Supplemental, JTV YouTube LIVE Shorts, Janette’s “Tips ‘N’ Sips”, and Janette’s Take On…

  • 9.2 million+ combined global following.

  • Watched & listened to primarily by women in the 35-60 age category and some men.

  • Currently in Season 13 with over 600 aired episodes.

  • Relevant lifestyle, women’s & business content featuring Celebs/Entertainers/Comics/Musicians/Recording Artists, Politicians. Founders/CEO’s of lifestyle brands/Business Owners, Professionals, and Book Authors is presented in each spinoff format to help motivate and inspire my audience to live life their way.

Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast

Janette's TV
Watch a teaser of the latest episode

Janette's TV Podcast
Listen to a teaser of the latest episode

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Other Ways to Work with Me

Awards Won

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Janette’s TV, Janette Burke, Fabulous Female Awards, Waterfront Awards, Janette Burke, Janette’s TV People’s Choice Award Winner, Profit 500 Nominee Janette Burke, Janette’s TV, Janette’s TV Podcast, 2016 W-100 Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs, Janette’s TV, Janette Burke, Janette Burke Productions, RBC Women of Influence, Janette Burke Nominee, Janette Burke Productions Nominee, Janette’s TV Nominee, Women In Film & TV Toronto, Janette Burke, Member, Janette Burke Productions, Member, Janette’s TV, Member, Crystal Award, Digital Trail Blazer Category, Nominee

Featured On

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What Janette's TV & Janette's TV Podcast Has Sponsored




"Janette was amazing. Really! Janette does the research and she asks all the right questions. Her interviewing style is so great! She also really listens to the answers. She stops people just at the right time, and she lets them talk at the right times.”

Rebecca Eckler, Canadian Journalist

and International Best-Selling Author 


"I couldn’t have done my promo video commercial on Janette’s TV & Podcast without Janette’s help and expert guidance. I went from terrified of being on-camera ... to feeling confident, certain, and proud to speak up. She knows every little thing from how to take the most essential parts of your marketing message ... to elements I never would have thought of. Her patience and expertise made it happen for me."

Donna Walser

Numerology Specialist


"Janette guided me to present my message in succinct terms and communicate effectively with the camera. It helped me gain attention and recognition in my field."

Marylou Heenan, Former Financial Advisor

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