You just booked an important radio, TV, pod or webcast interview. Or were called by a reporter who wants to do a written piece. Or were invited to speak at an event, conference or virtual summit. Now what? You should be over-the-moon, but inside you’re feeling anxious.  

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“Help, it’s my big break (and I don’t know what to do)!”

“Prepared to Interview”

Janette, thank you for your expert media coaching and training with respect to preparing me for my interview on City Pulse 24’s show, Silverman Helps. I especially appreciate you helping me select clothes; going over my key messages and showing me how to structure the interview – so I could enhance my credibility and image; easily tap into my hot topics; address consumer concerns regarding their issues and experiences with fraud; stir-up controversy; give the producers exactly what they wanted to keep callers glued; provoke listeners to take action; ace my interview (being part of a discussion expert panel), and be invited back. Your role-playing and rehearsing taught me to anticipate questions the host and callers would likely ask me and respond accordingly. I’ve done a few interviews before, but knowing what to expect and how to handle the interview, made a significant difference. I was more comfortable, confident and in control. Your diligence and willingness to review my coverage with me and point out possible areas of improvement as well as you stress the importance of me leveraging myself pre and post coverage was also welcomed. As a result of employing your advice and techniques, I received several inquires and website hits. Due to your help and the way I was perceived by the host and director, this past February, I was a repeat appearance on the Silverman Helps Show. This time for an hour and as a solo guest! I enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend you and your process to anyone considering radio or TV exposure, who needs to know what to do next about putting forth a good image, conveying their essential marketing message and making the most of their media coverage (whether they’ve already been in print, radio or TV, or not). Thank you for all your help, and I look forward to working with you again.

- Steven E. Silverberg

 CA CFE, Partner, Fluss Silverberg LLP Investigative Accountants Inc.

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Perhaps you’re wondering…What will they ask me? What should I say? How do I prepare? How will this all come together, so I can leverage the exposure to get more media or speaking opportunities and attract new customers?  Or perhaps you’re not used to speaking to a virtual audience via camera instead of a LIVE audience. I completely get it. And the truth is, if you aren’t prepared you could miss some big opportunities, fail to get your message across effectively, and waste your big break.

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But I’m here for you. Book a Media or Speaking Rescue Session and I’ll quickly get you prepared, energized, camera or stage ready for your upcoming media, video, Zoom or Skype interview, virtual, panel, solo or TEDtalk.  We will go through two mock interviews with full feedback. The practice will give you a clear game plan on what messages you want to convey, and what you want to achieve during your interview or talk. It’s the confidence boost you need to rock your interview or speech. 


Session Breakdown


As a bonus, you will also receive a copy of my Do’s and Don’ts of Being On-Camera and Tips for Being On-Camera booklets.



  • You book a one-hour session by contacting Janette (please book at least one week before your interview or speech). Express sessions available 48 hours in advance (depending on availability).

  • You fill out an interview or speech intake form so we both fully understand your topic, the outlet, interview or speech format, and length.

  • I’ll give you Zoom Video Conferencing link. I’ll greet you just like I would if I was interviewing you for Janette’s TV. (This way you can see where you are at, prior to any mentoring).

  • We’ll do a timed mock interview or speech and record it.

  • We’ll review the interview or speech together.

  • Then we will discuss how you felt, timing, what areas you want to work on, and I’ll give you feedback and strategies to help get your key messages across in small chunks (soundbites), so you feel authentic and at ease, and are able to promote yourself without actually selling. Or deliver a speech that flows.

  • We’ll record a second interview or speech and review again.

  • After the session, you get a copy of your interview or speech to review before your big moment.



1-hour session - $197