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JTV Instagram Live Short


Who This Package is for

  1. For Speaking Companies, Bureaus, and Publishing Bureaus who want to work with me for Panel or Pitch Days.

  2. Or Speakers & Book Authors who want to work with me directly who want to:

  • Recognize that an interview acts a crucial marketing piece.

  • Connect with my audience, so they get to know you, your brand, and story.

  • Showcase on Instagram, which is the best platform for direct reach & connection through visual conversation.


How This Package Works

  • If you’re a Speaking Company, Speaking Bureau, or Publishing Bureau:

  1. We work under contract for me to initially present at your scheduled event.

  2. Once the event has concluded, your clients/audience will be given the opportunity to work with me for the JTV Instagram Live Short Package , On-Camera Presentation & Performance Training or Sponsor Spotlight Package.

  • If you’re a Speaker or Book Author:

  1. You’ll work directly with me to take the JTV Instagram Live Short Package.

Did you know how important an interview can act as a marketing piece?

Connecting directly with an audience is crucial so they can get to know you.
If you want to use media to showcase your business, brand, an
d story; but you’re just starting out, then keep it simple.

Take our JTV Instagram Live Short.

It’s a 5-minute short media segment with one question only prepared by Janette, aired on our Instagram channel.


Why Instagram?

Instagram is the best social platform to connect with our audience directly through visual conversation.


What else is included?

  • Announcement of segment air date on social media.

  • After segment airs, up to 5 re-watch shares on all Janette’s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, & TikTok), reaching over 8 million women and men worldwide.

  • Placement in Instagram segment section of Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast Chronicles e-Publication (sent to over 100k subscribers every week).

  • We will send you a link to the segment for you to share on your social media or website.

Total Price: $550

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