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Have a big media interview coming up?  Want to be your own media strategist, start a YouTube Channel or Podcast – and have no idea where to start?


Are you ready to take your media skills to the next level? Janette has created these custom 1:1 session to support you in your growth. These sessions are designed for people who would like to continue working with Janette in these areas. Your sessions are tailored to your goals. If you want to keep going with your media tour and want to learn how to become a desirable guest the media wants to continue booking over and over, then JANETTE'S 1:1 MEDIA MENTORING & TRAINING is right for you.


Continue working with Janette past your Sponsor Spotlight Package


$1000 for 5 hours


Use any time. Lasts 1 year from purchase date


Starting at $250


Perfect your interview skills with a Media Personality who has interviews 1000s of people from live on the red carpet, live on location to Zoom to live in-studio. You’ll be ready for anything!


Learn how to speak in short-form clips to effectively articulate your

message in a shorter amount of time.


Don’t waste time on your message-get straight to the point. Know the

ways to communicate what you want to say.


Know how to effectively communicate your brand’s story or message. Learn to use the best parts of your story and position yourself to the audience as an authority in your field.


Non-verbal cues are just as if not important as verbal cues as opinions are being formed from the second you show-up on-camera and before any words come out of your mouth. Perfect how you present yourself, get rid of nervous habits, and everything else that will position you to the audience as an expert in your industry.


Not having all your materials- or incomplete ones- won’t get you guest spots. Learn how to gather and present the correct and complete materials to get the media to book you over and over.


Did you know pitching to the radio is different than pitching to social

media channels? Every pitch is different for each type of media. Develop and perfect your pitches for each media you want to appear on.


Starting one can be hard. Do you know where to start? Learn to launch one that will get you listeners and viewers coming back each week, hungry for more.


How do people have such great-looking pages and lots of followers and

engagement? Learn my secrets on how I gained a 5 million plus audience and 1000s of followers.

key areas Janette can help you with:




It’s all about conversational flow. Janette will teach you how to answer each question in memorable soundbites that relay your key marketing message(s) in the allotted timeframe allowing you to promote yourself without actually selling, or risk being misquoted, taken out of context, put on the spot, or cut-off.  She can help you decipher what parts of your message to tell and when, as well as create customized interview questions for you that you can use over and over, again.




As a media strategist, former publicist, and editor who is also the Executive Producer of Janette’s TV & Podcast, Janette knows how the media & speaking process works. She can work with you to devise a media strategy, media pitch letter, press release & media kit with a captivating headline and story that will catch producers, reporters, broadcasters, bloggers, pod & webcaster, or event planner's eyes (as opposed to being thrown in the trash) and significantly augment your chances of appearing in print (newspapers, journals, trade publications, blogs), radio, TV, pod, and webcast shows. She can also help you develop a media contact list.


Presentation & Performance


It takes more than great content to wow an audience. To have an impact, keep them interested and move them to action, you will need strong delivery. Janette helps you add to your message and improve your overall presence with the use of props/gestures, body-language, facial expression, eye contact, voice-techniques, image/wardrobe, a teleprompter, and more.


Speech Writing


Janette will work with you to evaluate your content, talking-points, PowerPoint Slides, stats, and anecdotes to help you strengthen your Signature or TEDTalk and position it to ensure it flows and packs punch. She will also demonstrate how you can repurpose your content into break-out talks, social media posts, and other marketing copy.


Video Production & Scripting


Things that are planned get done. From developing topic outlines & schedules, scripts, and storyboards, to teaching you the basics of setting up your home studio or going LIVE on social media, Janette works with you on all the behind-the-scenes considerations that go into making quality videos from your mobile phone or computer, so you are not just picking up your camera and shooting, potentially risking your reputation and brand. Once you have a video, you will need to know where and how to promote it, so it is seen by your ideal target. Janette can teach you how to do this too, including the best way to set-up your own YouTube Channel or Podcast.


Interpersonal Communication & Online Conferencing


Does interpersonal communication via online conferencing scare you? Janette works with you to eliminate your fears, plan agendas, approach difficult conversations, advance your tonality, communication skills, and more.


“Janette is truly a Media, Presentation and Performance Expert.”


Prior to working with Janette, I completed in detail an intake form. This helped her to identify gaps in my marketing, branding, messaging and positioning, and develop a customized mentoring and training program that was specific to my needs. I always felt in good hands as she helped me tweak and strengthen my marketing message for my website content.


We also completely reworked and developed my Signature Talk, as well as identified break-out talks. In addition, we modified my PowerPoint Presentation to make the talk flow better, so audiences could clearly understand who I am, what I do and how I can help them overcome their health and wellness issues with my powerful 5 P system. We then moved on to creating a media strategy for me to gain traditional, media, pod and webcast placements.


Janette taught me what to look for in media placements, what my possible story angles are, and how to compose my Media Pitch letter with supporting Media materials. She also helped me create interview questions and answers and showed me how to simplify, shorten and break-up my responses into sound-bites that audiences could easily digest. Next, she showed me how to develop a Speaker Sheet and use it to increase my chances for more media and speaking exposure. We tackled my Social Media positioning and several other related things.


I walked away understanding what makes me, my programs and my system unique, and compelling content that converts and sells. She showed me how to do more with less and created cohesiveness to my purpose and mission. I was always fired-up during our sessions and eager to implement all the wealth of information Janette shared with me such as booklets, templates and homework exercises.


Janette is truly a Media Marketing, Presentation and Performance Expert. She unleashes your WOW Factor and teaches you how to assume the spotlight, so you can become the go-to expert in your industry.  



- Ellie Savoy

Your Get Healthy Coach


Session Breakdown

Session-by-session, Janette will get you organized, energized, and ready to master any media or virtual interview, video, LIVE, speaking, or Zoom meeting you have coming-up with authenticity, confidence, and ease.

You will look, sound, and feel your best on camera or stage, be in control, and know exactly what to expect for every audience and situation.

Each consultation will include Janette's feedback, guidance, and suggestions.

Janette will review a clip of you being on camera or on stage, role-play, conduct mock interviews or speaking trials for practice and assess your progress - so you can see for yourself how far you have come.

You will receive a video recording for your reference and playback, along with Janette's templates, exercises, resources, and in-between session email support for 5 business days after the session.

how it works

You purchase five hour blocks with Janette via PayPal. Each five hour block is good for one year from time of purchase.

A confirmation will be emailed to you with Janette's link to connect with her on Zoom, or by phone - as you prefer.

Ahead of your first session, you complete an intake form so both you and Janette fully understand your goals and what topics you want to focus on.

After each session (including any subsequent document review, edit, correction or email that you want Janette to respond to), Janette will track and advise you how much time remains on your purchase.

“She is Brilliant in Her Field”

Janette is an unbelievable person, going 150% with anything she does! Janette will be on top of all tasks and does not hesitate to get them done. She is definitely a doer and not a talker and is brilliant in her field. If you require someone to manage your media marketing needs who is not afraid to communicate and get the job done, and done well, Janette Burke is the lady for you! I would advise signing up for Janette’s media training program as she will guide the way for you to have a successful business! She has had a huge impact on my business!

- Randi Goodman

Online Resource Leader and Event Planner, Networking Gone Crazy!

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