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Janette  Recommends Premium Shoutout

Who This Package is for:

  • Founders/CEO’s/Entrepreneurs of lifestyle brands such as clothing, makeup, jewellery, distillery, tech, cannabis, travel, automotive, home furnishings, restaurants, theatres, events, etc.

  • Professionals

  • Coaches/Consultants/Speakers

who want an online media shoutout for their business, restaurant, venue, product, or service.

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Why are shoutouts powerful?

  • More credibility: When your business, brand, and story is posted online, I am extending my credibility towards you, making it a powerful form of social proof to my online following that I am personally recommending them.

  • Reach a wider audience: Shoutouts have the ability to instantly reach my audience who might have never heard of your business without my endorsement and connection, and who you may not have been able to reach without the power of online media and shoutouts.

  • Personal and engaging: When shoutouts are shared online, they will be worded in a way that’s personal and engaging to my audience. People are much more likely to trust claims that are shared in a personal way from someone they trust (myself), than when they hear it from you, the face and spokesperson for your business.

  • Visually appealing: Visual is the biggest thing online. People want to see, hear, and feel that they are connecting directly with the content and the host. If I share your product or service with my audience, photos or videos direct from me would be included, which is a huge asset for your business. People like to see products in action and making an impact, which earned a business the shoutout, and visuals allow them to do exactly that.

  • Sparks conversation and interaction: Shoutouts spark opportunity for conversation, engagement, and interaction. If your business, brand, and story is promoted to my audience, they may have questions or comments, which starts those valuable conversations.

  • Authenticity: Shoutouts add authenticity to your business, showing that it’s not faceless and a real person there that is being endorsed by a third-party, like myself.

Do you realize the benefits of third-party credibility and endorsement?
When somebody else speaks positively about you, your business, brand, and story, you obtain third-party endorsement & credibility as well as additional tangible proof of your company’s value. That makes you even more desirable when presented to your dream client.

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Get that crucial credibility and endorsement with Janette Recommends Premium Shoutout.
What’s included in this package:

  • Up to 350-word writeup in Janette Recommends section of Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast Chronicles e-Publication (sent to over 100k subscribers every week).

  • Designated, done-for-you posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, & TikTok) for 8 weeks (up to 25 posts), reaching over 8 million women and men worldwide).

  • Accompanied by your business logo, business info, and website link.

Total Price: $450

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