Ready for the spotlight?

  • This training is for you if your business is growing and the media is calling.

  • You’ve been putting yourself out there with little success or you secretly fear appearing on-camera.

  • You are uncertain what you want to say, the best way to get your message across in an interview or video or how to talk in soundbites.

  • You need a little confidence boost, a toolkit of on-camera tips and media secrets, and a little media makeover.

  • You’re ready to soar and want to be ready for anything.

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Master your message and raise your visibility

“Very Talented Media marketing Professional”

Janette you are a very talented marketing & media professional. Your coaching and consulting was a great help in promoting my new book – Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man. I truly welcomed your expert suggestions and feedback on how to improve and devise my press releases, website and media kit. The most important advice you gave me was to think of ways to create controversy and generate buzz to get people talking about my book. You’ve been a tremendous asset to the branding and publicity I received for my book, including the media coverage I secured myself as well as that scored by you and your team, in The National Post, The Toronto Star, Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime, Dating 2001, A Channel Barrie, A Channel London, CHCHTV, CP24, LeDrew Live, Rogers Daytime Durham, Rogers Daytime York Region, The Canadian Jewish News & That Channel’s, Liquid Lunch – to name but a few – and all due to you! Plus my book is now being published in 19 different languages worldwide!! I’m very grateful for your professional advice and without hesitation would recommend you to other book authors whether or not they are able to hire a publicist and could truly benefit from your Video/Media consulting and training as a means of better promoting themselves and their books.

- Elliott Katz

Author, Being the Strong Man A Women Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a Man

Working together, I will help you build your self-confidence, so you’re prepared to seize every media opportunity that comes your way. You’ll learn how to stay in control of your message and come across like a pro. I’ll help you distill your marketing message, discover your turning point story and create a memorable interview with impact. I’ll also help you figure out what to wear, what to expect and what to do if something goes wrong.

I’ll take you through a series of mock interviews to prepare you for any media situation. During the training, we draw out your story, and you’ll learn how to frame your material and position yourself. By creating strategic “soundbites” or memorable quotes and talking points, you’ll be able to authentically share your message and use your media opportunities to grow your business and get to the next level.

Based on your needs, goals, and timing, my media training can include:

  • Understanding how the media works. I’ll give you the skinny, so you know their rules and objectives.

  • Developing a clear sense of how to craft your messages and stories to create strategic and memorable soundbites.

  • Learning how to handle different interview situations including phone, radio, live or edited TV, pod & webcasts, and press conferences.

  • Discovering how to bring out your personality so you can be more than just a talking head.

  • Learning how to handle tough questions during worst-case scenarios, including hostile or unprepared interviewers.

  • Discovering how to embrace your fears and anxiety—and use it to your advantage.

  • Finding ways to connect with your ideal audience and speak to their needs so they can’t wait to learn more.

  • Wardrobe and make-up tips to help enhance your natural image and charm. (Yes, for men too!)


Session Breakdown


Done for You Interview Questions:


Janette will devise 12 completely scripted questions and answers ready for the teleprompter. But for action takers, she’s adding a one time offer of an additional 8 questions for a total of 20 questions that you'll be able to mix and match and give to your interviewers to meet their interview requirements. You can give them 5 questions to ask. Sometimes you'll do questions 1,3,5,6 and sometimes you'll give them questions 10, 9.



12 Individual Sessions – $1,997