Janette’s Media Training Academy – 8-Week Media Training


Powerful Presenters, Powerful Messages, Powerful Impact



With the right skills and strategies in place, almost anyone can transform into an industry expert and land all sorts of traditional & online media appearances.


In fact, Janette’s clients have routinely appeared in/on local, regional, national, and international media - skyrocketing their brand and influence without a massive following or formal credentials.





Janette’s Media Training Course is for entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, book authors and content creators, who, as the spokesperson for their business and brand, want to land top traditional print, radio, TV, pod & webcast, may have already tried & been rejected, and now realize that they need to:


  • Improve their media, on-camera presence, including making their own videos and LIVES on social media.

  • Ignite their WOW factor.

  • Develop the skills they need to be taken as a reliable source the media want to feature time and time again.



Receive the same pre-show prep that television professionals get which creates the all-important perception of authenticity, trustworthiness, and credibility when Janette teaches you all of this and more! 


Here are just some of the assets you will walk away to launch your media tour in Janette’s comprehensive, transformation, hands-on, Media Training Course, consisting of 10, 1-hour, informal group sessions + 1, 45-minute private session with Janette + 1 BONUS CLASS. PLUS 2 additional private sessions with Janette, if you pay in full:


Lesson 1 - Story Telling & Story Selling


  • Discern the difference between story telling & story selling – injecting anecdotes, facts, statistics, and humour where necessary.

  • Discover what type of story you have.

  • Develop a guided narrative of your personal Turning Point Story & main marketing message as it relates to your niche, ideal clients, and the problems that you solve for them.



Lesson 2 - Creating a Story the media will love


  • Determine your captivating headline, hook & storyline.

  • Frame your interview topic, angle & segment proposal.

  • Extrapolate your key messages, outline your talking points & learn to speak in soundbites.

Lesson 3 – know what to say & how to answer any question with confidence


  • Formulate timed-out, customized interview questions & answers with Janette’s customized Q & A template that you can use over and over and present to reporters, broadcasters, TV Show hosts, pod & webcasters to minimize their PREP time.


Lesson 4 – your body language speaks louder than your words


  • Eye Contact.

  • Body language.

  • Facial Expressions.



Lesson 5 - harnessing the power of your breathing & your voice


  • Breathing.

  • Voice-Techniques/Tonality.

  • Gesturing & Props.



Lesson 6 – knowing how to dress for the camera - makeup, hair & clothes... OH MY!


  • Hair & Makeup for camera & stage.

  • Dressing for the camera – what to & not to wear.

  • Walking your talk & Making a lasting impression.





















Lesson 7 – designing your home studio


  • Absorb the basics of how-to set-up a great do-it-yourself home studio using equipment you likely already own or can easily acquire – so you’re ready to be interviewed on any camera and can also easily create your own amazing videos and LIVES.

  • Learn how to use a teleprompter when recording any promo, sales, training, case study, or personal video for your website, blog, or social media posts - so you always stay on point without rambling, present naturally and authentically without needing to worry about what you’re saying, or memorize your script. 

Lesson 8 – UNDERSTANDING the media to get booked


  • Discover the process of dealing with the Media when applying for media placements.

  • Devise your media strategy to begin connecting with the right media sources.

  • Write a media  Pitch Letter to send to journalists, broadcasters, TV hosts, or pod & webcasters, that positions you as a go-to expert in your field.


"Janette did a great job in preparing me for the interview - from honing my message for the show to discussing content and questions that would be of real interest to the viewer. In addition to that, she provided both personal advice and experts to work with me on clothes, hair and makeup so that I looked my best and came across professionally on camera.


The shoot itself was well run and I was really happy with the professionalism and the messaging that came through during our interview.


In addition to great prep and shoot, the push that Janette gave me through her various social media channels was inspiring. I received a detailed breakdown of views and impressions during the first seven days the video was being promoted. Those included more than 5,000 views/impressions from Facebook, 655 views/impressions on LinkedIn and well over a thousand more on several other social media channels.


Not only did I receive a detailed impression report, I also got quoted feedback from viewers of the episode and a list of registrants who signed up to win my giveaway. I followed up not only with the winner but also other people on the list. One became a client and the others are still active in my sales funnel. That one client alone is worth the cost of the show, meaning the high quality video interview is now a “free” promotional tool that will allow me to continue to attract client for several months, (if not years) to come.


I’ve already recommended Janette’s TV & Podcast to clients and associates who are looking to promote their business to women and also create a valuable video marketing tool that they can use in different ways to continue to promote themselves long after the show itself is over."


Jason Reid, The Rechargeable Entrepreneur


“Janette, thank you for your expert marketing/PR and media coaching and training with respect to preparing me for my interview on City Pulse 24’s show Silverman Helps.  I especially appreciate you helping me select clothes; going over my key messages and showing me how to structure the interview – so I could enhance my credibility and image; easily tap into my hot topics; address consumer concerns regarding their issues and experiences with fraud; stir-up controversy; give the producers exactly what they wanted to keep callers glued; provoke listeners to take action; ace my interview (being part of a discussion expert panel and be invited back.  You role-playing and rehearsing taught me to anticipate questions the host and callers would likely ask me and respond accordingly. I’ve done a few interviews before, but knowing what to expect and how to handle the interview, made a significant difference.  I was more comfortable, confident and in control. 


Your diligence and willingness to review my coverage with me and point out possible areas of improvement as well as you stressing the importance of me leveraging myself pre and post coverage was also welcomed.  As a result of employing your advice and techniques, I received several inquires and website hits.  


Due to your help and the way I was perceived by the host and director, this past February, I was a repeat appearance on the Silverman Helps Show.  This time for an hour and as a solo guest! I enjoyed working with  you and would highly recommend you and your process to anyone considering radio or TV exposure, who needs to know what to do next about putting forth a good image, conveying their essential marketing message and making the most of their media coverage (whether they’ve already been in print, radio or TV, or not).  Thank you for all your help, and I look forward to working with you again.”






"A No-brainer for the Cash-Starved Business Owner. Janette you are a true expert. Using your marketing/PR tips for creating our press release, media kit and media strategy, we have been on TV more than 6 times and have had literally dozens of media stories written about Karbon and Warrior Custom Golf the sponsors of our golf tour.  Thanks so much."




- Jonathan Weaver, President, Peak Performers Network



You will need to have a device that can capture video - a computer, laptop, smartphone or i-Pad with webcam, digital recorder is fine.

  • High Speed Internet.

  • Access to Zoom.

  • Basic lighting equipment can improve the look of your video but is not necessary.

  • Additional sound equipment can improve sound quality, but again, is not necessary.



  • Group Sessions - 8 consecutive weeks, same day & time each week, hosted on Zoom.

  • Private session with Janette will be booked on a first come, first serve basis during the 8-weeks.





  • Bonus Workbooks (see full list below), Plug & Play Templates & Cheat Sheets.

  • Mock Interviews & Role Play.

  • Recordings of each session for your review.

  • In-between email support.





  • Getting at Your Message Workbook

  • Dos & Don'ts of Being On-Camera

  • Tips & Advice for Being On-Camera

  • Preparing for Your Split Screen Interview

  • Janette’s Facebook Live Guide – Good for all Social Media LIVES

  • How to Dress Like A Celebrity

  • Quick Tips for Filming Professional Videos at Home





Zoom Calls

Be mentored & trained by Janette from the comfort of your home – saving you time & money.



Payment Plan

So that you can start today & have the course affordably meet your budget.



Small Class Size

Maximum 12 - 15 participants per cohort, so you can access Janette’s expertise, get your questions answered and be properly guided.



  •  1 pm, EST, Wednesday, Oct. 13th – Fall Cohort .

  •  Join now before the price goes up!