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Janette’s Signature Brand Showcase Package is ideal for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, consultants, book authors, speakers, and content creators, who as their company’s spokesperson want to look, sound & feel their best on-camera, polish their presentation & performance skills, position themselves as an expert in their field, significantly increase their chances of getting media & speaking engagements, and attract ideal clients.

Whether you dream of dazzling audiences with you marketing message, being featured in print, radio, TV, pod & webcasts, obtaining more virtual & in-person speaking gigs, making your own quality videos & LIVES on Zoom or Social Media, launching a YouTube Channel or Podcast and growing your following, to get results, you must be confidant, in-control, and well-prepared.


That’s why Janette created her Signature Brand Showcase Package with proven 4-step process that unfolds as follows:

step 1 - prep - foundational media training course


Transform Into  Sought-After Media Guest & Watch Your Business Soar

(Value $4500)


Packed with Janette’s 20+ years of on-camera, journalism, and public relations experience, this comprehensive, informal, 12-week group Media Training Course with two private 90-minute sessions with Janette, training materials, plug & play templates, cheat sheets, and a collection of bonified PDF Bonus Workbooks, is designed to prepare CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, book authors, and content creators like YOU to appear on the Janette's TV camera and any future camera you will be interviewed on. It centers on you getting your story, key messages, and talking points out in a way that transforms you from being your industry’s best-kept secret into a media guest or speaker of choice that traditional and online print, radio, TV, pod & webcast journalists and hosts, speaking bureaus and event-planners want to book time and time again. The top-level skills you acquire can also be easily transferred to making videos or LIVES from your own computer or phone for your website, blog, or social media posts, Zoom appearances, as well as speaking virtually or in-front of an audience on world stages at conferences & conventions.  Walk away with these assets or proceed with Steps 2, 3 & 4 below for the epic Total Package experience.


  • Raise your profile & voice as an authority in your industry.

  • Establish your credibility, like & trust factors as a reliable news source.

  • Determine your captivating headline, interview topic, hook, angle  & storyline.

  • Effectively spread your marketing message, vision, purpose & mission talking in easy-to-understand soundbites.

  • Tell your personal Turning Point Story to let customers know why you do what you do & why they need to work with you.

  • Polish your personal brand, image & wardrobe.

  • Improve your presentation & performance skills.

  • Calm your nerves & be more confidant and charismatic on-camera or stage.

  • Benefit from mock interviews & timed-out customized interview questions that you can use over and over again.

  • And tons more!

step 2 - guest spot


Feature Your Brand & Business as a Profiled Guest on Janette’s TV & Podcast

(Value $1500 - $3500)


In Season 10 with over 500 aired episodes, Janette’s TV & Podcast is the premier online lifestyle TV Show and Podcast  that celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts in various fields who have successfully completed Step 1 – PREP- Media Training of Janette’s signature Brand Showcase Package appear on to showcase their newly acquired media training & on-camera skills. Delve into your relevant personal or professional lifestyle issue that Janette's viewers resonate with and want to know about. Highlight how you make a difference in how we live our lives with your brand.


  • Enlighten, entertain & showcase your newly acquired media training skills to Janette’s over 5 million audience comprised mostly of women (and smart men!) worldwide, in the 30-55 age range, with your unique story,

knowledge, and insight.

  • Experience what a real TV Show filming is like.

  • Create a professional Show Reel Demo that you can use to gain future media & speaking placements as you launch your media & speaking tour.

  • Obtain assets for your website, blog & social media, including Segment Clips.

hover over the shoot options to see what each one entails & select which option works best for you:


20-30 minute zoom split-Screen interview with professional editing to be shot using online technology and webcam.


20-30 minute LIVE-ON-LOCATION interview.



20-30 minute in-studio interview, filmed with up to 3-cameras. professionally edited with tags, titles, etc.


step 3 - promotion


be news for more than a day

(Value $3500)


Janette and her team are proactive about getting the word out for you! To give your Janette's TV & Podcast episode visibility, publicity and exposure, your episode will be promoted via email to 100,000+ email sign-ups in Janette's community and uploaded to Janette’s TV YouTube & Podcast Channels where it will remain indefinitely so you can continue to get views & downloads long past the 60-day promotional period.



  1. ​ Done-for-you social media posts on all of Janette's Social Media pages as well as 30 targeted posts on Facebook, Linkedln, and Instagram groups that represent your identified ideal customer over the course of 60-days.

  2. An optimized Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube ad that is relevant to your target audience.

  3. YouTube SEO and Tubebuddy video optimization.

  4. A professionally edited digital copy of your video & audio coverage along with distribution rights for future promotion on your website, newsletter, Blog, or Social Media pages that can be broken down into smaller segments.

  5. An MP4 file uploaded to Janette’s TV YouTube Channel & MP3 recording of your episode uploaded to all of Janette's TV Podcast Channels where Janette maintains ownership rights.

  6. A 350-word write-up in Janette's TV & Podcast Centre Stage Notice to accompany the MP4 video file and MP3 audio file of your Janette’s TV & Podcast episode.

  7. This well-written piece will also appear on Janette's blog on her website to help you reach another audience and let them know about your business. As traffic increases on janetteburke.com, so will your clout.


  • Gain visibility, publicity & exposure.

  • Reach & engage more customers, journalists, hosts, sponsors & investors.

  • Drive more traffic to your website & build your platform.

  • Increase your sales conversions & boost your bottom line.

step 4 - follow-up


Keep Using & Leveraging the Media Training and Tools Janette Creates For You

(Value $2500)


  • Receive a Visibility Report that measures all the views, downloads, comments, likes & share your Janette’s TV & Podcast episode (MP4 video and MP3 audio files) got during your 60-day promotional period.

  • Book an extra 1-Hour personal Follow-up Call with Janette where she will teach you 8 additional strategies on how to keep using and leveraging the media training & tools (video & audio files) that she created for you to generate even more media & speaking opportunities.



- 12-Week Media Training Course

- Split Screen Shoot


- Promotion


- Follow-up​



$2997+ HST*







- 12-Week Media Training Course


- In-Studio or Live-On-Location Shoot

- Professional Head Shots or Product Photography


- Promotion


- Follow-up

- bonus: PROMO VIDEO



$4997+ HST* 





“Thank you for having me on Janette's tv”

“Have a few minutes? From leaving my son at ten weeks to go on a vacation, to writing about how messed up blended families can be, and what you should know, to being drunk when my daughter, Rowan, was conceived, to my mental health, to writing about cannabis use, and, to, yes, I did pay $7000 to be a character in a Margaret Atwood book, for charity, to the question of whether I consider myself a “role model” and how I beat to my own drum, thank you for this wonderful interview Janette Burke! You are a pro, and a hustler and ask the good questions, three traits I adore! So thank you for having me on Janette's TV.”

- Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler National Post