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Why Work With Me

In media, you may think that getting the spot is the hardest spot.
It’s not. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll perform well.
To make a great interview, you need training.
In this package, I’ll work with you so you know how to:

  • Show up and present & perform well

  • Dress correctly

  • Be at ease with the camera, interviewer, and audience

  • Maintain control of the interview

  • Know your message and story inside and out without fumbling over your words

  • Know how to stay on track within your allotted interview time

  • Practice everything you’ve learned with an interview spot on Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast

And much more!

Who This Package Is For

Who This Opportunity is For

  • Celebrities 

  • Founders/CEO’s

  • C-Suite Level Executives

  • Politicians

  • Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Book Authors

  • Thought Leaders

  • Lifestyle Experts

This opportunity is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Learn on-camera media training to present yourself & your business well.

  • Improve your communication, presentation & performance skills.

  • Relay the most compelling parts of your business story in a non-salesy way.

  • Increase your confidence & presence when making your own videos & LIVES on social media or YouTube.

  • Prepare for other media opportunities.

  • Shoot an episode that showcases you as a desirable & credible media guest and use it as proof to land more media placements.

  • Reach an audience of over 8 million.

  • Create content for your website, social media posts, & YouTube Channel.

  • Gain the attention of your dream client & boost your customer engagement.


If this is you, let's talk! Book Your Complimentary 30-Minute Audition!


What I Do

Having worked both sides of the camera, I know the art of what makes a good interviewee and what does not. You either have it or you don’t. My mission is to make it so you have it. I want you to use media as an integral marketing tool to spread your message and grow your business. To make that happen, you first need to understand your purpose for getting media exposure, how the media process works and why you need to be prepared with on-camera media training.

That is why I created my Interview Showcase Package with these 4 distinct steps.

Interview Showcase Package with 4-Steps

"I discovered so much value I didn’t expect. I got so much out of working with Janette. I highly recommend you do. I know I will again."




Shiraz Baboo, International Speaker and Author

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