"Become A Newsworthy Media Guest or Speaker"

Tired of seeing your competitors get all the best press?


Want to increase your visibility, stand out as a go-to expert in your field, and gain the trust & credibility you need to close dream clients over and over?


As an entrepreneur, professional, coach, speaker, book author or content creator with an important message to share, when you’re interviewed on national TV shows, featured in Top 100 newspapers, journals, trade publications, blogs, & podcasts, or seen doing LIVES on Instagram, Facebook, etc. with an influencer with thousands of followers, something magical happens.


People you want to work with take notice and start to view you and your brand differently.


You elevate your profile and stand out more in their minds.


You increase your credibility and become a trusted source.


You gain the authority you need to attract the highest paying clients who choose to work with you.


And with all the traffic driven to your website, emails & DM’s filling-up your inbox from interested parties who saw you, you’ll also be able to select the very best clients and opportunities presented to you.


Can you see how powerful Media & Speaking exposure is?  How it can literally explode your business and take you from your industry’s best-kept secret to recognized expert?


In fact, media & speaking placements have never been more important for both start-ups and established businesses.





  • 83% of people trust personal recommendations when it comes to buying a product or service - according to a Neilson study.  How can your friends recommend you if they don’t see you in the media or on world stages? To be recommended, you must be seen!

  • 8 out of 100 (8%) individuals who watched an interview or product review on YouTube will buy the product. Seeing is believing!  Did you know that the average online marketing rate only has a conversion of 4%?  Reaching people in the media or via speaking doubles.

  • Publicity is still the fastest way (lightyears beyond social media) to be discovered.

  • Third-party endorsement & recommendations are essential for brands in all sectors to boost your credibility.

  • Media & Speaking placements bring visibility & influence that affect the way a business or individual is viewed by the wider public, which creates BUZZ that impacts its brand, image, and sales.


But every time you go on camera for a media, pod, or webcast interview, on stage to speak or when you make videos/LIVES from your computer or phone or on Zoom, you risk your reputation.


Talking to the media isn’t the same as having a conversation with your best-friend.  Your best-friend doesn’t care what you look like and no matter how many glasses of wine you toss back, knowing you and your story, can still figure out what you’re trying to say.


That’s not the way it works in the media or speaking engagements where you only have seconds to get your message across effectively and where if you show-up unprepared, you can easily be taken out of context, misquoted, or put on the spot - amounting to a wasted golden opportunity for publicity & exposure that you might never get back. 


You’ve likely already noticed that obtaining media & speaking exposure for your business, online, via social media, YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook LIVE or similar, pod & webcasts, in a newspaper, magazine, on a traditional radio or TV show, can be challenging.


Well, that’s about to change!


August 18th, 1 pm, EST, join me on BRIGHT to learn the 3 things you must have in place to “Become A Newsworthy Media Guest or Speaker”


As the spokesperson & representative of your brand and company, you’ll walk away from this 60-minute, tons-of-value, LIVE on BRIGHT Media Presentation knowing:


  • What type of message/story you have & what makes your story newsworthy.

  • What are you saying that you don’t realize you’re saying with your non-verbal communication, such as your body language, facial expressions, eye contact, voice-techniques, image and wardrobe that affect your confidence & how you appear on-camera.

  • Why you need to have a solid Media Strategy & Plan in place that ensures you're talking to the right media/speaking contact and accepting the right media/speaking opportunities that generate results for your marketing time and effort.

And lots more!



Plus, I’ll also tell you how you can get in front of my Janette’s TV & Podcast over 5 million audience!


Tickets are $15!

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