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Are you a thought leader with a brand that resonates with lifestyle audiences? 


Janette's Brand Spotlight Package highlights thought leaders, brands, and founders making a difference in how we live our lives. Profiled participants are carefully selected as standouts that pair well with our audience and the topics that we cover.

If selected, you will be able to:


● Develop your story through a guided narrative

● Be distributed to an engaged, loyal audience

● Walk away with digital assets for your website, blog, and social media

Janette's Tv & podcast statistics

North America (Canada & U.S.) – 92.8%


United Kingdom (UK) – 3.9%


Australia/New Zealand – 1.9%


South Africa – 0.5%


Europe – 0.24%


Middle East – 0.1%


over 5 million viewing audience and growing!

Audience Is Global But Marketing Can Be Local!

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who is it for?


Janette’s TV & Podcast Brand Spotlight Package is for thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts in various fields that delve into relevant personal and professional lifestyle issues Janette's viewers want to know about. They are able to enlighten, entertain and impact an over 5 million audience, comprised mostly of women (and smart men!) worldwide, in the 30-55 age range, with their unique stories, knowledge, and insights.

“Thank you for having me on Janette's tv”

“Have a few minutes? From leaving my son at ten weeks to go on a vacation, to writing about how messed up blended families can be, and what you should know, to being drunk when my daughter, Rowan, was conceived, to my mental health, to writing about cannabis use, and, to, yes, I did pay $7000 to be a character in a Margaret Atwood book, for charity, to the question of whether I consider myself a “role model” and how I beat to my own drum, thank you for this wonderful interview Janette Burke! You are a pro, and a hustler and ask the good questions, three traits I adore! So thank you for having me on Janette's TV.”

- Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler National Post



what's included




To ensure you get your story, key message and talking points out and your interview goes well, Janette will spend a total of 90-minutes framing your interview topic, hook and angle, as well as preparing you for the Janette's TV camera and any other future cameras you will be interviewed on. She will do an information intake call and mock interview with you, as well as devise and send you timed-out customized interview questions with answers that you can use over, and over again. She will also go over the theme of the show, what direction to take your interview in, and what you can expect to happen on the day of your interview. In addition, she will show you how to look, sound, and feel your best on-camera.

expected outcomes


- Increasing your like & trust factor & establishing your credibility

- Effectively spreading your marketing message

- Raising your profile & voice

- Sharing your vision, purpose & mission

- Telling your personal story & letting customers know why you do what you do

- Increasing brand awareness

- Polishing your personal brand & image

- Improving your presentation & performance skills

- Acing media, pod & webcast interviews

- Appearing more confidant & charismatic on camera and on stage




(select from the interview options below)






expected outcomes


- Experiencing how the media work & the entire TV process

- Filming a quality interview & promo video (In-Studio or Live-On-Location only)

- Mastering how to use a teleprompter (Brand Spotlight Package, In-Studio or Live-On-Location only)

- Creating segment clips

- Creating a Show Reel to use to get more media, pod & webcast placements

- Using the training & tools Janette provides you with to become more “Media Worthy” & land more media, podcast, and speaking appearances



Janette and her team are proactive about getting the word out for you! We will promote your segment to 100,000 + email sign-ups in Janette's community. To give your Janette's TV & Podcast episode visibility, publicity, and exposure, you will receive:

● Social media posts on all of Janette's Social Media pages as well as 30 targeted posts on Facebook, Linkedln, and Instagram groups that represent your identified ideal customer over the course of 60-days.

● An optimized Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube ad that is relevant to your target audience.

● YouTube SEO and Tubebuddy video optimization.

● A professionally edited digital copy of your video coverage along with distribution rights for future promotion on your website, newsletter, or Social Media pages that can be broken down into smaller segments.

● An MP3 recording of your episode uploaded to all of Janette's TV Podcast Channels.

● A 350-word write-up in Janette's TV & Podcast Centre Stage Notice which is emailed to Janette's community of 100,000 ($100 value).

● This well-written piece, done for you by Janette and her team, will also appear on Janette's blog on her website to help you reach another audience and let them know about your business ($200 value). As traffic increases on janetteburke.com, so will your clout.

expected outcomes


- Being visible in social media

- Expanding your network

- Reaching & engaging more customers, sponsors, and investors

- Building your own platform

- Driving more traffic to your website

- Increasing conversions & boosting your bottom line

"Janette took our interview to the next level by incorporating the issues going on in today's society. Her platform is a phenomenal way for individuals and businesses to get their name out there and really make them 'media-ready.' Janette's extremely thorough and the end project 100% reflects her professionalism."



Lenore Luca

 co-host of a #1 Morning Show on a Jersey Shore (B98.5) & Produce/Host Brand Ambassador Select's Podcast


"Janette blew me away with all her knowledge, support, and advice during the interview package. If you work with Janette be prepared for tonnes of valuable information to explode your business!!!"



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Advance NLP Practitioner

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