Janette Burke – Founder, Executive Producer, Host/Creator Janette’s TV & Podcast, Media Mentor and Trainer

Janette is responsible for running all day-to-day operations, team activities & gatherings, networking, payroll, and sponsorship. She also manages client intake & media training, conducts all interviews, as well as produces all Janette’s TV & Podcast topics, scripts, episodes, LIVES, videos, and publications. In addition, she appears on media/pod & webcasts and speaks/MC’s at events.

Danielle Caruso – Graphics AND marketing materials

Danielle has been working closely with Janette for over 5 years in the role of Graphic & Web Design, devising Janette’s logos, brochures, website, PowerPoints, email campaigns, and other marketing collateral, as well as helping with the execution of Janette’s overall Marketing Plan.

Roland Inacay - Outreach AND Communications

Roland is responsible for booking & following-up with all Janette’s celebrity & non-celebrity guests, as well as sending-out and following-up on all Janette’s media and speaking pitch requests and for booking all of Janette’s media, pod, webcast and speaking appearances. He also helps Janette organize her calendar, coordinate, shoots, find locations, research topics/guests, and prepare interview questions & speeches.

Medeea Hanko - Content and Social Media

Medeea is responsible for maintaining Janette’s YouTube and Podcast Channels, as well as executing all of Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast digital, content, social media, and lead generation marketing strategies, including list-building, posting Janette’s TV, Janette’s TV Podcast & Janette’s Trade Secrets episodes, building organic subscribers, viewers & listeners, and upholding Janette’s social media pages, groups, platforms, and following.

Dusko Jocic – Head In-Studio Videographer

Dusko is Janette’s lead videographer and photographer. He has been working with Janette for over 7 years and is responsible for filming all Janette’s TV’s in-studio episodes, recording Janette’s TV Podcasts, and promotional videos, including camera & teleprompter set-up/clean-up, camera/switcher operation, lighting, sound, episode editing, show graphics, headshots, etc. He also shoots some of Janette’s Split Screen and Live-on-Location shoots and often accompanies her to Tiff, trade shows, festivals, and other A-list red carpet/celebrity events.

Perry Blatt – Live-On-Location Videographer

Perry has been working with Janette for over 6 years filming most of her celebrity (Red Carpet Dairies) and Live-on-Location shoots and more recently, her Split Screen and Janette’s Trade Secrets Tuesday Training shoots. He does some of her photography, editing, equipment set-up, and technical support. He also accompanies her to Tiff, award shoots, festivals, and other A-list red carpet/celebrity events.

Joanne Black - General Administrative

Specializing in website maintenance and development, Joanne has been with Janette for over 10 years in the role of General Administrative, performing various administrative duties.